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PredatorsPredators,Predators 2010,Predators Movie:During the presentation Friday night SXSW from “predators“, Robert Rodriguez explained the initial idea of the caravan, which would have shown the title in red letters of blood falling one by one until all that remained was a “R” The idea was vetoed by the MPAA, but the trailer that was shown instead (and attached to copies of “Repo Men” next week) was also interesting for fans of the franchise have been waiting for a true sequel the original film.

Rodriguez has been waiting nearly all the time and before showing the first pictures that anyone has seen the film, explained that he worked on the script of “Predators” in 1996 while awaiting a delayed “Desperado”. “Sony said they were not doing any film for a year after” Last Action Hero, ‘ “said Rodriguez, who, ironically, was the fact that an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie as an opportunity to do another, when then-executive Fox, the film of Peter Rice asked his take on history. Soon after, Rodriguez found Schwarzenegger’s Schatzi in Santa Monica restaurant, sitting at a table with future Governator and John Milius and “From Dusk Till Dawn” stars George Clooney Quentin Tarantino and watched.

“Any fresh idea I had, I jam it into the script,” Rodriguez thought, including the return of Schwarzenegger, Netherlands and, possibly, to Jean-Claude Van Damme bad. Rodriguez quoted Schwarzenegger a sequel saying, “We must return to the jungle. Not like that sht of” Predator 2 “.” (When asked about his thoughts on the sequel directed by Danny Glover in the audience Q & A, Rodriguez said politely, “the next question.”) Schwarzenegger ultimately passed on the project, which Rodriguez believes it was because the actor had a fight with producers, but more than a decade later, a new Fox regime dusted off the script and gave the green light to his idea.

This idea, as has been reported elsewhere, involves a group of eight guards trained in various affiliations (Black Ops, Yakuza, etc.) that have been taken to a safari planet of different predator species (are flying, gnus-the schedules, one of the filmmakers called “predhound” plus a return of the original) – in the words of director Nimrod Antal, the tear of human hunters around the world to hone their skills as murderers. Or, as summed up concisely Royce Adrien Brody in the trailer, “This planet is a hunting ground … we are the party”. If that sounds like it could rival Arnie is a famous line “if it bleeds, we can kill it” then we’ll just hear Laurence Fishburne, who was like a machine main contribution of the film as the group of wise elders. During the only full-length scene that was shown, depicting how Fishburne joins the rest of the motley crew in the forest, they ask “Who are you?” by Isabelle Alice Braga, and responds, “The one that got away. He who does not beat around with.”

A lack of a better word, Rodriguez and his hand, took the director Antal ( “armor”, “Kontroll”) felt the same about the original 1987 film and did not want to fck what did the job. Antal spoke of how he and Rodriguez were fond of the 1932 adventure classic “The Most Dangerous Game” and “just wanted [the license] Back to the hunt,” adding that “we wanted [predators] to be iconic but not comic bookish. Antal Rodriguez said when he arrived on board the film that “the classic predator is the version of 8 track and predators are the new version of iPod.” (Fishburne They also gave a good description when he described the various tribes, like the wolves off the dogs.) Yet much of the presentation on Friday was on the original predator because the makeup master Greg Nicotero was at home, and the head of the original Predator, which was established in the corner of Alamo Ritz stage where people could walk and take a closer look, and as Rodriguez insisted softly, “You’re a whore ugly. (Rodriguez also took the opportunity to confirm the long-standing rumor that James Cameron helped Stan Winston with the idea of the jaws of the predator.)

Early in the presentation, Antal admitted he was in time and gave up most of the Q & A Rodriguez, but was adamant about his devotion to the series, saying: “I lived in Budapest [where] there was a barber with a ‘Tattoo Predator’. When you hear Yoda speak Hungarian, you know you’ve gone around the world. “Predator” is the same. “Nicotero supported this statement with an anecdote about how Antal pocket a sheet of broken predators after shooting a sequence of battle and when Nicotero said that he would gladly have given one, Antal said, “But [this] is still dirty.” Antal also shared how much he admired Rodriguez and said he was “a little nervous” during their first meeting, but “I tried to put my emotions aside and tried to improve geek what [Rodriguez] filed” with the script. Antal was then launched the idea of incorporating the techniques of killing of the various tribes of predators such as hot flashes and driving in a way to express their different personalities. It was some time later he found himself traveling to Hawaii for the production on a fast track to a statement from summer 2010. Rodriguez likened the experience of “Sin City”, saying “everyone sees a rolling mill, who want to climb on board. This is one of the rides in magic.”

The film is a sheet, as we have seen, gave the crowd, and shirts with red spots from predators of three white spots (as they appear in the armor in the trailer Adrien Brody), although the material was more than enough for most people to achieve what Antal said he was working in terms of a mixture of mystery and horror, revealing relatively little more than the dangerous world of humans have to survive and the establishment of a diverse group of seasoned performers like Walton Goggins and Danny Trejo following. SXSW Film As chief Janet Pierson said when he introduced Rodriguez and Antal, this was intended to “wet the whistle” – and he did.

UPDATE: While we were inside, Fox debuted behind the scenes video online, which the joints in some of the images we saw tonight:

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