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Pottermore Day 4 AnswerPottermore Day 4 Answer, Four years have passed since the launch of the seventh and final book Harry Potter and the magical saga ended in July with the eighth film. However, fans are not willing to take the series, and neither is the creator of the wizarding world, JK Rowling.

Thirteen years after Scholastic released Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone, Rowling is releasing a new website to give fans more Potter. It’s called, not surprisingly, Pottermore.

“I’m still amazed and delighted with the response of the stories I knew,” Rowling said in a video on the site, which is aimed at fans of all ages can “share, participate and discover the history.”

Rowling said it would “join in” the magic and share the information she “has been grabbing year for the world of Harry Potter.”

On her birthday July 31 – the same as Harry – began to give fans perhaps the first such opportunity. She offers early admission to Pottermore.

The website is open to everyone in October, but registration vacancies this week that will allow a select number – is rumored to total 1 million – to enter early Pottermore through August 6 “and help give shape the experience “and the Beta model of the site. There are seven books, so naturally there are seven days and the chances of being accepted.

“I am delighted to say that I am now able to give something unique. An online reading experience like no other,” said Rowling Pottermore. “It’s the same story with some crucial additions. The most important is you. As the experience of reading requires the imagination of the author and reader work together to create the story, so Pottermore be built in part because the reader. The digital generation can enjoy a safe, unique online reading about the Potter books. ”

The mysteries and adventures of Harry Potter often begin with clues and solving puzzles, and the tracks are also the key to the early entry into Pottermore. In order to obtain an advance, fans should “find the magic pen” on the website while mystery every day and send the log data.

“The magic pen detects the birth of children magic and writes his name on a book of great size. To see if your name is in the book, you need to find the magic pen and then send in your registration details Pottermore,” instructions Pottermore state home page.

Michael Stambler, 12, has already successfully registered. He woke up on Monday at 5:30 am, and went on the website, but crashed due to the volume of people who have signed at the time. Moments later, the track was over, and in two days of early registration, his idea was from the second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The key was, “What number is the chapter that Professor McGonagall cancels the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff?” The answer was 14 and was also asked to multiply the number by 42, that 588, the final answer. The tracks change every day.

The key allows fans to find the magic feather, and must do so quickly, as the pen, “will not be there long and registration is only open while the spaces are still available every day,” according to Pottermore website.

After writing http://quill.pottermore/588, you are redirected to a page on the website of Warner Brothers with various images, including one of a pen. He clicked the pen and allowed to register. Once registered, a photo of a book seems to have said: “You are magical,” and his name was placed above the names of the characters in the books.

“Once I arrived, I was very excited,” said Stambler.

Wait for a confirmation email to activate your account, which came the same day and is now awaiting a second e-mail with instructions on how to access the Pottermore trial. He said the second e-mail couldn’t come for a couple of weeks. U.S. Today reported that the earlier entry into the Beta Pottermore be removed from mid-August to September to avoid system crashes a lot of people use both.

“I heard that you can kind of play along with the story line,” said Stambler. “I hope you fall into a house and live classes took Harry.”

His friend, Francesca Ciannavei has been trying to get Pottermore, but the record was closed three times when he went to the website. On the morning of Tuesday, the third track was released at 6 am ET.

When Ciannavei Pottermore heard in Tumblr, a blogging site, I was excited because Harry Potter “has been such a big part of our generation.” She saw her first Harry Potter movie when I was four, and listening to audio books until he was old enough to read the stories.

“Knowing JK Rowling, is likely going to be very good,” said Ciannavei of Pottermore. “I think many people just wanted to know more about Hogwarts and what else happened, in addition to the main characters were doing. One of the biggest attractions is that everyone wants to go to Hogwarts and Hogwarts people would think it would be surprising “.

Rowling said she still Pottermore receives hundreds of fan letters and that “Harry’s fans are still enthusiastic and resourceful as ever.”

For those readers wondering what it was like to be one of the lucky ones to be invited to Hogwarts, the desire to be accepted into Pottermore may be the closest you get to Muggles foresight to bring the Sorting Hat and pending its allocation of home.

Owls deliver messages in the Harry Potter books, and Twitter is singing Pottermore. Currently there are 262,605 accounts Twitter by following @ Pottermore, Pottermore official account. Continue discussion Pottermore shown by finding the source # pottermore.

“The third runway Pottermore @ has been sent! Wake up! Stop work and good luck!” Mugglenet foot around 6 is, ET.

“Patience is not my forte, and October is a long way. I’m sure you’ll love it when I get,” wrote Twitter user JanineHaines Tuesday.

“Brightside be sick & being off work? Successes for pottermore #!” emmamotttram Twitter.

Has an official blog Pottermore Pottermore called Insider, and posts answering questions from fans about the Magic Pen challenge?

Fans have also begun Pottermore Facebook pages, such as Help Pottermore for fans to ask questions to help them solve the clues, and there is a Pottermore Facebook.

On 3 Registration is now closed but there will be four more chances on August 3-6 to access Pottermore

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