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July 18, 2011 by USA Post 

Portable Air ConditionerPortable Air Conditioner, Could this be one of the worst allergy seasons over the centuries? Many experts agree that it is due to wet spring weather around most of the nation, resulting in a lot of flowering trees, shrubs, herbs, fungi and spores.

Every year there are a lot of allergens for everyone, inside and out, but did you know that the selection of air conditioner the right room could improve the air we breathe by removing some of the irritants.

Friedrich Air Conditioning Expert air quality in that while we blame outside to our allergy problems, the interior has a lot of great sources of allergens themselves, as well as volatile organic compounds – or volatile organic compounds – which are issued as gases by liquids and solids. In fact, volatile organic compounds from paints, lacquers, cleaning supplies, office equipment and other sources can be up to 10 times higher indoors than outdoors. As the allergens, volatile organic compounds can irritate the respiratory system and may also have other undesirable health effects. (Source: EPA)

Common indoor irritants can be found in every room of the house are:

Dust, dust mites, pet dander, clothes to the cleaners.
Cleaning supplies, aerosols, wet carpets and rugs.
Smoke from the kitchen garbage containers.
Furniture, carpets, wood stoves and fireplaces, art supplies.
Auto exhaust and gas fumes, paints and solvents, building materials and pesticides.
Pens, erasers, a bit of copy paper, copiers and printers.

How Kuhl air conditioners can help

Would not it be better to stop allergy attacks before they occur and to minimize exposure to potentially dangerous volatile organic compounds? In 2010, Friedrich introduced its new stylish air conditioner in the room Kuhl with choice of two filtration stages. Kuhl Single carbon filtration process can reduce odors, ozone and other air impurities by combining an optional carbon filter with antimicrobial filter Kuhl laboratory tests to achieve the higher grades of air filtration up to MERV 6 (minimum efficiency reporting value ASHRAE 52.2).

“While many of us think of air conditioners as devices to cool our homes, do not always think about the health benefits they provide,” said David Lingrey, vice president of engineering Friedrich air conditioner.

Two-stage filtration process Kuhl, for example, can capture particles of 75% in the range 3 to 10 micron standard mesh and foam filters.

“Change frequency filters for maximum performance,” said Lingrey. “The quality of air provided by air conditioning is as good as the filter is clean. It is recommended that filters are inspected, cleaned and change in a maximum of 300 hours of operation of the unit or at intervals of three months” said Lingrey.

“Households and most demanding enterprises and high dust environments have to be evaluated more frequently. In this scenario, the carbon filter may need to change each month. Standing filter needs to be washed with warm water and soap the same time, “he said.

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