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Pon Farr, “Pon farr’’EST an element of the Star Trek fictional universe happens in the television series canon and fan fiction based on the series. In Star Trek, pon farr”’est a condition affecting psychophysical Vulcans, in which men and women Vulcan into heat once every seven years, into a fever of blood, becoming violent, and eventually die if they do mate not with someone with whom they are linked with empathy. Vulcans also mate outside the “Pon Farr”, and with other species of Vulcan.

“Pon farr”a been introduced in the original series episode” Amok Time “, written by Theodore Sturgeon, who represents Mr. Spock will dans”’pon Farr and Vulcan to be returned by Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy to undergo the ritual of mating and save his life [1].

“Pon farr”a occurred as a cycle in the female Vulcan character from T’Pol in the final series of Star Trek Enterprise.

Spock has been an accelerated version of “pon farr”en because of the influence of the Genesis planet in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, as a young man. He was” helped “by his fellow half-Vulcan, Saavik.

In Voyager, Tuvok expérimentés”pon farr as the vessel was trapped far from any other Vulcans, so he was unable to mate with his wife. At first he said he had the flu Tarkalean the crew to save the embarrassment of discussing its actual condition. He tried to control la”’pon farr through meditation and drugs, but ultimately was not successful until he met his wife in a holodeck program. In the episode “pon farr” Blood Fever “Vulcan Ensign Vorik’’’ET experiences trying to mate with B’Elanna Torres. Via a partial empathic experiences pon farr Torres”ainsi. Vorik attempts to control la”’pon farr through meditation, drugs and companion holodeck, while Torres, trapped on a mission outside near mates with Tom Paris. Pon farr Le’’’EST finally resolved at the Battle Torres Vorik and fight together kalifee kunat ritual of the planet.

Published examples of Star Trek novels dealing with “pon farr”sont Night Series Twin Moons by Jean Lorrah, where Amanda teaches Sarek and other couples to enjoy Vulcan”pon farr and accept their physical and emotional natures [2].

“”’Pon farr is briefly mentioned by Sheldon Cooper in an episode of Big Bang Theory -” The Alien Parasite Hypothesis ”

A Dilbert comic strip mentions “pon farr”le January 11, 2011. [3] A doctor accused of Dilbert did not have his” Pon Farr”vaccination.

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