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Pokemon Episodes, First on our list is “Pokémon”, the show that made us all point to a wish that we could travel to places and fight mysterious creatures eccentric. The anime series began in 1997 and is still running on television today. With more than 678 episodes, “Pokemon” has become popular not only in his hometown of Japan but also in places like Europe, South America and the United States.

“Pokémon” follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his Pokemon, Pikachu, as they travel around the world with other trainers, capturing Pokémon and win Gym Badges to participate in tournaments. Ketchum and Pikachu also end up making new friends and more friends (Misty and Brock) they encounter in the first episode. Of course no show would be complete without a well-known rivals and “Pokemon”, Team Rocket is the group of villains who try to steal Pikachu and permanently raise havoc. However, most of their evil plans fall through almost as fast as Blair Waldorf schemes fail in “Gossip Girl”.

“Pokemon” has become so popular as a TV show that video games, toys and collectible card games based on different Pokemons soon went out. I remember that almost all children in my neighborhood were constantly cons with Pokemon cards. Trading cards was also a popular activity. In fact, there were actually mini-tournaments in the U.S. and people are really in the game, trading cards.

Another popular Asian television that soon followed after “Pokemon” was “Yu-Gi-Oh!”-Which means “King of Games.”

The show is about an average teenager, Yugi, who comes across a puzzle that, once completed, has with a former pharaoh (Atem) who seems to suffer memory loss. The series consists of the journey that Yugi and Atem to go to learn more about the life of the Pharaoh in a duel in the popular game known as Duel Monsters.

“Yu-Gi-Oh” was originally a manga series of novels written by Kazuki Takahashi, which were then adapted to suit both small and large screens. There have been various spinoffs of the show include “Yu-Gi-Oh GX” “Yu-Gi-Oh! R” and “Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal.” Just like “Pokemon,” the show “Yu-Gi-Oh” is a card game that viewers can play and the duel with each other. Although “Yu-Gi-Oh” was and still is not as popular as “Pokémon”, the show still influenced many children to buy the games of cards and duel with friends. It will be interesting to see if there will be another show in the future that will create as many mad frenzy through card games like “Pokemon” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Did.

There, the United Kingdom, children of twelve years, sitting in creative writing classes laugh behind their push-pens and pencil cases Pokemon, laughing at the absolute stupidity of the writing being shown here.

Please ITV, I’m cheap, available and can string a sentence. I can write better than that. Come on, use me.

The concept of the show is beautiful, but the pain well, which you pay to write this really need to read a book or two (GASP) actually watch some other TV shows. My suggestion is HBO is the production at this time. Because this episode has cast a race not a decent series.

For the episode itself, then. Abnormality (you know, something great time there Wime wobbly-y) opens in a prison. It is flawed and is unlike any we have seen before, but it has birds giant monster in what people eat.

The team of CRA cool and come see all the buttons and guns and lasers and things do not work on it. And then Danny comes out with a bad wig and a stick and hit the bird, and then an evil man, Ethan, comes to see them with a crank radio. But it is not Ethan, but Patrick and he is the brother of Danny, but he is a villain.


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