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Ping, Almost all the news was less dramatic: Expected (the new iPod Touch) or less radical than the rumors had (the new Apple TV) or involved minor products (the Shuffle and Nano). But, as always, let me ask questions about the outcome of the ads. Such as:

Is the main message of the new Nano than the old Nano was irrelevant? It basically has two new features: The small shape and has a touch screen interface. But it has a smaller screen than its predecessor (1.54? Vs 2.2?). Do not have a camera anymore (it seems it is official that Nano-enabled camera never killed the cover). I guess I cannot play video. The pedometer is presumably disappeared. Basically this is a different device-more like a Shuffle with a screen more fully-developed Nano. If you want a video camera and Apple is saying, buy an iPod Touch – a larger, more expensive, more complex gadget. It is a logical advice for many people, but is there anyone left who wants an iPod quite rich in features with the simplicity of the old interface?

Is the new Nano IOS device? It has a skin similar to IOS, and employment seemed to call a product based on IOS when he referred to “other IOS devices.” But he never addressed the issue explicitly. Of course, the operating system only matters if Apple Nano allows developers to write applications consistent with Nano – which sounds like it might involve a lot of complexity without much gain.

What explains the evolution of the iPod Shuffle / return? I kind of liked the version with no buttons, controlled by voice, but apparently do not have much company. The new Shuffle square is an improved version of Shuffle before last; keep the past the voice control as an option to leave everything else about it. I’m trying to think of other examples of Apple, or anyone else, taking a turn as the last before the Shuffle.

Do the iPod Classic’s products? Steve Jobs said that Apple was updating all the iPods, and then did not mention the poor Classic – which left me thinking I was lost. But even in the lineup, in unchanged form. Does the past with the original iPod’s iconic click wheel design ever a significant improvement? Will it remain in the lineup one year from now?

Does Ping has nothing to do with Lala? I still miss the brilliant music service that was bought and closed by Apple, and I wonder if parts of it will, one way or another, as the products of Apple. Features of Lala were the social aspects as the network to the friendly people and see what they were hearing – similar in broad concept, with iTunes’ new features Ping. Is Ping-Lala only vaguely like, or is: really represents the return of (part of) Lala?

Does it show Ping Apple wants to be a power of social networks? Sure, there have been features in products from Apple that flirted with the social being of the years. But Ping is something new: a full-fledged attempt to turn millions of other iTunes users in one of the largest social networks in the world. During the event, walking there is a war between Ping, Facebook, Gmail and brewing. It was a joke – but if the version of Apple announced that Ping is only the beginning of the social ambitions of the company, it is competitive with new security fronts.

Ping is a bad idea? Hey, I’m not saying it is – in fact my vote as the most interesting news, by far. But people already are complaining that iTunes is too bloated and out of focus. And the idea of Facebook / Twitter-like social networks in one application instead of on the website sounds a bit strange. I’m looking forward to experiencing and forming opinions one way or another.

Does the new Apple TV more than a hobby? Apple has been ratcheting expectations for the original Apple TV almost from the moment it launched, saying it is just a hobby and not selling very well. The new version represents a major rethinking of the equipment (is small and without disc) and offers new services and features (cheap HP TV downloads, streaming Airplay IOS devices). There is nothing strikingly innovative new Apple TV, although, at most, is seen as a friendly rival to the similar device known as Roku. (Google TV, which is designed to play all the videos on the web, it seems more inventive.) Still, with Apple behind it, the possibility exists that the new Apple TV will be a game-changing break hit. I suppose you know if Steve Jobs begins by citing sales figures rather than dismiss the idea.

What happened to the idea of an Apple TV App Store? It was a great idea. IOS may be lurking somewhere inside the new Apple TV, but the work did not say, and it is clear that the new software will not run a third, at least not now. Is this model an intermediate step on the path to an application enabled for the Apple TV?

Can they travel in November a little faster? I’m really anxious to IOS 4.2, which finally brings multi-tasking, folders, and the rest of the goodness of IOS 4 IPAD.

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