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December 3, 2010 by USA Post 

Pictures Of Cartoon Characters, The latter even Facebook-to-one link of cause people to change their profile pictures with pictures of their favorite heroes, supposedly to improve the visibility of violence against children. But where did it come from?

The most common form of the same application on Facebook contains the following message, which was reported at least since December 1:

“Change your profile picture on facebook for a cartoon of your childhood and invite your friends to do likewise. Until Monday (Dec. 6), should not human faces on facebook, but a reserve of memories. Is to eliminate violence against children. ”

However, a quick search reveals that there are no major events or anniversaries related to violence against children in this period.

According KnowYourMeme same monitoring site, a surprisingly similar viral meme just a week before the transmission of your message:

“From November 16 to 20, we change our profile pictures to our favorite cartoon characters. The purpose of this game is to remove all pictures of the man for a few days of Facebook”

There was no issue related to the same civic origin.

KnowYourMeme reported that the meme was originally written in Greek, but the original source is unknown. The same origin has also been taken up by the news website The Huffington Post, Social Media Metrics society.

It is still unclear who “hijacked” or credit to a meme denouce violence against children, or why this particular case was chosen first.

“Maybe the person who started to include” the elimination of violence against children in this game facebook status had difficulty convincing his friends to change their profile pictures and so added something that would probably be the encourage them to support a good cause to continue the game, “opined Rio Encarnado Filipino blogger.

“One blogger noted that are essentially motivated by Facebook, while others have the direction of the Fund of the United Nations Children’s Fund or UNICEF,” said Erwin Oliva, editor of Country Yahoo for the Philippines.

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