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March 3, 2011 by Post Team 

Pia Toscano, Steven Tyler also to women provoked the time of 12 Top 10 of the “American Idol” days’ work to take to the moon, most of them briefly set forth the just of the Earth’s atmosphere. With all the female talent at this time on “Idol” I was really wait for it to hear the women sing Wednesday night. Except for the 3 days’ work I have enough for 4 or ought to do. Intro 12 guys a few sick people overall performances and the more strongly I think, is placed to honor you.

Nonetheless, you may go guys Arteries and veins of a girl, to be made the way of American Idol the other strives to American public’s votes. Yes, to this stage this card with the wild beasts of the judge selections from the Tallied fought with her for her opinion and they might have an opportunity that he will be redeemed.

The thoughts of the 12 on the top of my works to the Lord:

TA-Tynisa: Song choice – the only girl (in the world) by Rihanna
I perceived the greater ticum Tynisa TA-flat major, which sounded the key and sometimes by numbers through the song. Jennifer Lopez and Tyler in spite of Randy Jackson did not. Again, I agree with Jackson.
Naim: Song choice – in the summer by Ella Fitzgerald
Always dressed in the bright garments of the eyes Naim draft of the captured, together with the crowd throwback to the classic song the letter in this manner. Tyler is also going on the growth of a voice out of the Ella Fitzgerald. I will tell you, the ends of song note he left me goosebumps.
Kendra: Song choice – Impossible “by Christina Aguilera
Not my favorite song in the evening, but he had the lead a quiet and bluesy tone. Kendra laid her open to me the midst of the pack with the version of song.
Rachel song choice – Criminal by Fiona Apple
So much for the planes and the effect of me nothing to me Lyrics or Google out what hell she was singing. As if it sounded Broadway, pays rent and then you pleased me, my thoughts are with singing of the Tyler is said to be made a little Broadway to me.
Karen: Song choice – the hero by Mariah Carey
Karen sang this song, switching English and Spanish lyrics, perfectly, I think, it’s very self and that the marking on the head X.
Lauren Turner: song choice – Day Fool by Etta James
Have they never before heard this, and have finished the song I actually liked Lauren the canticles of it. Not sure if it contains a sufficient reason for show it, but we shall see below the night results show.
Ashthon: Song choice – for me, by the charity of Monica
The other songs you have never heard, and that such a powerhouse, and has great on – he made it work. “Behold, even Ashthon J commented that all the goddess, they are by experience.
Julie: Song choice – STEP-BACK by Kelly Clarkson
Julie is a great poet: but a child this evil song choice it. They were brought before judges were taught you do not think, I am not feeling it, and have a feeling; indeed, of the elect She felt no pain.
Haley: Song choice – Fallin by Alicia Keys
Only this will I write poems, and sings them as well as Alice, would that truly, to make one with “not to have the effect of karaoke that you may depart. Tyler Haley as has been said to have the right amount of style and the right to the size of the effect of sxy in it and I think I will do in the top of X.
This to you: Song choice – the result of my (ignorant of singer / songwriter)
This was no easy matter around the time during the hearing, and the youngest in the show at the time CONTESTANT (15 is) you would have thought would be under the pressure of her own. Song, and he held her peace so beautiful different from every other song we have heard ladies night.
Lauren Alain; its rays are overthrown, by Rebe, McEntire
Alain Lauren had known little bit of earth was? Since these things in the Scotty Duet obtain for McCreery if they both make to the top of X. Er, is the effect of an active and energetic in the fun and the perfect age – sweet 16.
Honestly: Song choice – as I stand by you through
One of the favorites Chrissie Hynd their music by: Honestly the proud in the they had made. How great the song the show and hand to hand of the judge gave the state of the oval, full of love.
5 read it to the top of my women: Naim, Karen, Haley, godly, and Alain Lauren

8, this night tune in, to see the guys, Ah, Let the damsel, and to do everything I who am in the Top 10 judges fighting with ferocity card unless he read it.

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