PETA Takes Aim At Nintendo’s Mario

November 15, 2011 by staff 

PETA Takes Aim At Nintendo’s Mario, PETA is pissed off. And not their usual “I’d rather go n*ked than wear fur” selves. They’ve made a game that parodies Super Mario Bros. by having a skinned Tanooki chasing down Mario flying along in his Tanooki suit, which is dripping Tanooki blood.

When I first saw this, admittedly I was confused – I had no idea a Tanooki was a real animal. Tanuki are Raccoon Dogs, as PETA is quick to point out.

Tanooki may be just a “suit” in Mario games, but in real life, tanuki are raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for their fur. By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur.

No wonder they’re skinned for their furs, they grant everyday plumbers the power of flight! Sorry, please pardon my insensitivity. I know this can be serious stuff for many people. But something tells me that none of you are too upset by Mario wearing a Tanooki suit. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve never thought to myself, “Hey, if Mario can wear fur, then Imma get me a fur coat!”, but then again, I’m not a p*mp, nor am I Sharon Stone circa 1988.

What’s next, a DARE campaign out to stop Mario’s excessive use of psychedelic mushrooms?

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2 Responses to “PETA Takes Aim At Nintendo’s Mario”

  1. fedup on November 15th, 2011 12:27 pm

    Oh please! Give it up and get on with something that will really help. This is just not picking and is down right st*pid

  2. Valerie Markos on November 15th, 2011 2:46 pm

    OK, this is just plain ingnorant. Does this mean that it is inappropriate for someone to dress as the Easter Bunny? Obviously it is clear they were not born with rabbit skin. PETA why don’t you concentrate on things that matter like puppy farms. If you the money at hand to make a parody of a computer game, then you should be able to support the unwanted, neglected and abused animals in this country. OH btw, I guess that I should not wear the furry armor in my MMORPG when I am in the snow fields. That would not be politically correct either, I guess.