January 21, 2011 by USA Post 

Pentalobe, Tamper screws arise in another Apple product, the iPhone 4, and some users say they feel screwed by the change.

Among the most outraged, it seems, is iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens, who sent an e-mail today blasting the giant technology for its change to a proprietary, tamper-proof screws called pentalobe”sur subsequent deliveries the iPhone 4. Wiens believes Apple has stopped using the standard Phillips and Torx screws on the iPhone 4 and other products to keep you out of your own material. “

But while some are troubled by change, not everyone thinks it’s a bad idea. “As a technical service, you’d be surprised how many people are opening their machines to try to correct them before bringing them to warranty service. And in so doing, [they] cause more damage than the original problem was, “wrote one commentator on iPodnn.

Some consumers believe strongly that users should be able to open their devices to remove and replace the batteries, memory and drives.

Then again, noted another speaker to iPodnn, “Apple sells a product experience. If you do not like it, do not buy these products. When the last time you tried to open your cell phone, radio alarm clock or car? Or your TV? These devices are not user serviceable and are iPhone, iPod, or iPads. Factor that into your decision to buy. ”

The new bindings would have first appeared in the battery lock laptops MacBook Pro mid-2009. The “pentalobe”réapparu later in the MacBook Air 2010, which used the screw on the bottom case.

IFixit has posted a very detailed blog on the item entitled “Plan of Apple Diabolical screw up your iPhone.” It indicates that there are three variants of the five pentalobe points”’circulant in Apple hardware. Those of you outside the U.S. will be sad to know that “iPhone non-US units had 4 smaller versions of these screws wrong all along.”

But what really gets going Wiens is: iFixit claims to have spoken with several employees of the Apple store Genius Bar, which confirms that when consumers bring their iPhone 4 in repair, the company is switching live without consent, irrespective of the service.

Of course, iFixit has a financial interest in drawing attention to the situation. It is prepared a fun and 9.95 called “iPhone release 4 Kit, which includes a driver to rid your phone pentalobe” owner “and replace them with standard Phillips screws.

Consumerist tells us that Apple is moving to a new special screw called by some a Pentalobe by iFixit a “bad property inviolable five-point screw (or EPTP5PS). It is designed to make it impossible for anyone but Apple to service your iPhone or computer. Consumerist also notes that if you take your iPhone for repair, they replace all screws with EPTP5PS.

Now, I love my Mac and my old ipod, but I also like Matt Bremner and all the people repaired after-sales service that provide fast and convenient. So I’ll say here’s a cautionary tale about what happens when you get all the owners on the screws.

In 1906, a traveling salesman, Peter Robinson, of Milton, Ontario, Canada has cut his hand when a screwdriver, it was demonstrated slipped. He went to the store and came with a screw-recessed square in it that almost never slipped. He was modest about it, saying: “This is considered by many as the greatest invention of the early twentieth century until now.”


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