Pentagon Arrest Al Qaeda

June 18, 2011 by USA Post 

Pentagon Arrest Al QaedaPentagon Arrest Al Qaeda, The arrest this morning in a narrative replicates the Pentagon seemingly endless tit for tat paranoia intrinsic to the violent struggles over ideology. Have we gotten into something we cannot draw from?In recent days we have seen a convergence of news that, overall, it feels to have a strange sense of deja vu. First came the news that Ayman al-Zawahiri had officially gotten Osama bin Laden as the head of the new top of Al Qaeda, followed shortly by the announcement by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in response, the U.S. intended to kill al-Zawahiri made only as Bin Laden. Then he quickly revealed that Al Qaeda has a list of results of its own, with U.S. politicians and experts marked by the murder. And then, as if on schedule, a man named Yonathan Melaku was arrested near the Pentagon this morning, apparently “suspicious materials” and associates of al Qaeda.

Sound familiar? U.S. has been involved in a dangerous game Whac-a military-Mole: to kill a leader of Al Qaeda, and another is sure to appear in its place. This is the same reason the gang wars can go on forever, why intifadas go to infinity: there is always someone to kill, so there is no resolution.

Like it or not, the U.S. are now engaged in the exact type of violent tit for tat war of attrition that we have criticized elsewhere in the world as Israel and Palestine, or Bosnia and Serbia.

After September 11th the American narrative common was that we had no choice but to retaliate a. That was our interpretation of objective justice, our sense of absolute righteousness, who had been treated unfairly spontaneous, and justice would not be until death was returned. It is understandable that a human instinct, as it is a common fact: countries are involved in this kind of conflict all the time. But the outcome is so predictable.

The Washington Post points it is doubtful that new Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri has the resources to launch another major attack like September 11 against the U.S., but reports, “As the new leader of al-Qaeda, Zawahiri will face intense pressure to launch a major strike to avenge the death of Bin Laden. ”

The arrest this morning of Yonathan Melaku was probably a kind of false alarm, which seems to have acted alone, and that his “suspicious material” was not so dangerous after all. Most of the incriminating materials seem to be a notebook that contains the words “Al Qaeda”, “the Taliban”, “mujahideen” and “defeated the forces of the coalition.”

But make no mistake, even when Yonathan Melaku was not an agent of a plot ordered by Ayman al-Zawahiri, a turn fast enough. Retaliation is a human imperative of Islamic extremists, as it is for Americans. Al-Zawahiri does not have the resources to meet September 11, but the attacks do not have to be big to be painful. And once SEAL Team 6 finally kills him, so surely, surely a new chief will step in to fill the position, and the cycle continues.

The real missed opportunity of the last decade of “American exceptionalism” was the U.S. failure to become truly exceptional, as the country to find its way out of a war of attrition with a terrorist adversary to win the war of ideas. Instead, we have fallen deeply in the same Whac-a-Mole has trapped pattern that other countries and groups, a conflict that now looks set to play for generations. In doing so, our attitude of “exceptionalism” has led us along a very exceptional.

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