Penndot Road Closings

September 8, 2011 by USA Post 

Penndot Road ClosingsPenndot Road Closings, Montoursville – PennDOT urges motorists to avoid travel unless absolutely necessary. Travel at night is not recommended because the depth of water on roads can be difficult to determine.
The following state roads are closed in the north central PA till 9 pm 07/09/11 due to flooding:
Columbia County
SR 11 between Market Street in Bloomsburg and SR 42;
SR 42 to Millville Road in the town of Hemlock Black Run Road in the town of Madison;
SR 42 in Hemlock Township, from SR 44 to Millville Road;
SR 254 in Greenwood Township, Eagle Way Zaners Road;
SR 442 (length) of the SR 42 north to SR 405 in Millville near Muncy in Lycoming County;
SR 487 in Orange, fishing village and municipalities Benton, between Nor Polo Orange Township Road and SR 254 in the town of Benton;
SR 487 from State Highway 239 in Benton Township Parks Road in Sugarloaf Township;
SR 487 between SR 54 in Catawissa and Elysburg, flooding near South Columbia School;
SR 1035 (Lower Crow Creek Road) between SR 487 and SR 239 in Stillwater in the town of Benton;
SR 487 in Orange Township, between two intersections with Stony Brook Road;
SR 3001 (Fisherdale Road) in the city of Cleveland from Road Bear Gap Road East;
SR 3008 (Bear Gap Road) in the city of Cleveland, the way of the power line to White Church Road;
SR 3012 (Mt. Zion Road) from Orchard Drive in Franklin Township to SR 42 in Catawissa;
4003/SR SR 4006 (Frosty Valley Road) in the town of Hemlock, County Line Road to SR 42;
SR 4008 (The Road Back Branch) in the town of Mount Pleasant Road to Church Road Millertown White;
SR 4009 (Millville Road) from Main Street in Bloomsburg Mall Boulevard;
SR 4011 (Millertown Road) in the town of Greenwood Road down Old State Road;
SR 4012 (Peppermill Road) in Madison and municipalities Hemlock, Columbia Hill Road to SR 44;
SR 4041 (Rohrsburg Road) in Orange Township, between SR 487 and Highway Newhart;
SR 4025 (Ants Hill Road) in Madison Township Road SR 44 to Liuzza;
SR 4034 (Mount Pleasant Road) in the town of Orange from SR 487 to drive sand stone;
SR 4049 (Elk Grove Road) in the town of Sugar Loaf, on Spring Street in the heart of the Sullivan County line;
Lycoming County
SR 42 from SR 239 in Franklin Township to SR 220 in Sullivan County;
SR 44 in Washington Township, from Elimsport the Union County line;
** SR 87 in Upper Fairfield Township from State Highway 864, Back Street;
SR 87 from I-180 in Montoursville on Route 220 in Sullivan County, Dushore;
SR 118 between Fourth Street in Hughesville, Penn Drive, in the municipality of Lobo;
Hughesville SR 118 Green Valley Road in the town of Lobo;
SR 220 from SR 405 to SR 42 in Hughesville Muncy Valley in Sullivan County;
SR 405 in Muncy River Bridge, closed between Main Street in Muncy Armstrong Road in Clinton Township;
SR 442 (length) of the SR 405 near SR 42 Muncy north of Millville in Columbia County;
SR 864 from SR 87 to SR 220 in Farragut on the rocks image;
SR 880 in the municipality of limestone and closed at the intersection with Middle Road;
SR 973 in Mifflin Township in between SR 287 and Salladasburg employment Run Road;
SR 1003 (Wallis Run Road) from State Highway 973 in Murray Run Slabtown Road in the town of Gamble;
SR 2014 (Broad Street) in Montoursville, between Warrensville Road, Loyalsock Avenue;
SR 2014 (John Brady Drive) Industrial Parkway in Muncy Creek Township on Water Street in the town of Muncy;
SR 2053 (Rabbit Town Road) in Muncy and municipalities Wolf, SR 220 to SR 864;
SR 2055 (Chippewa Road) in Muncy Creek Township, from State Highway 405 east of Lima Bluff Road;
SR 2057 (Lime Bluff Road) in Muncy Creek Township, from State Highway 405 east of Lima Bluff Road;
SR 2073 (Beaver Lake Road) from State Route 220 in Wolf Township Green Valley Road in Penn Township;
SR 2077 (Beaver Run Road) in Franklin Township on SR 118 to Beaver Lake Road in Penn Township;
SR 3007 (Pine Run Road) in the town of Woodward, SR 220, south;
SR 3028 (Allegheny Street / Railroad Street) in various parts of Jersey Shore;
SR 4001 (shortly Pine Creek Road) from State Road 44 in the Township of Cummings to 287 in the town of Pine SR;
** SR 4004 (Quarry Road / Ridge Road) from State Road 11 in Montour Township to SR 42 in Hemlock Township;

Montour County
** SR 54 to Spruce Street in Danville to H Eyer highway in Mahoning Township;
SR 54 Valley Road, just north of I-80 in the town of Valley SR 44 east of Turbotville;
SR 254 intersection in Washingtonville 54/SR;
** SR 254, Hagenbuch / Narehood intersection of limestone PPL Township Road in the town of Derry;
SR 642 from State Road 45 in Liberty Township to SR 54 in Mausdale;
SR 642 in Valley Township, Columbia Hill Road, Creek Road;
SR 1003 (PP & L Road) in Derry and municipalities Anthony, from Strawberry Ridge Road at Arrowhead Road;
SR 1004 (Arrowhead Road) in the town of Anthony, SR 54 to PP & L Road;
SR 2006 (Ridge Drive) in the town of Cooper from Mt. Trip to Zion Driveline County;
SR 2008 (Bloom Road) in Mahoning Township, on the way to Woodbine Lane School;
SR 3004 (Pottsgrove Road) in Liberty Township, between SR 45 and SR 642;
SR 3008 (Valley Road) Klondike in the way of Liberty Township SR 54 in the Valley of the municipality;
SR 3010 (Steckermill Road) in the towns of Liberty and Derry, from R & H Avenue and SR 54;
SR 4004 (Bush Road) in the town of Derry, in the township line of limestone to SR 54;
Northumberland County
** SR 44 Brimmer Avenue in Watsontown to SR 405 in the town of Delaware;
SR 45 in the western town of Chillisquaque Housels Run Road to SR 405;
SR 61 in the basement on the outskirts of Hamilton Sunbury;
SR 61 between SR 225 in Sunbury and Shamokin;
SR 487, SR 54 at SR 42 in Elysburg to Catawissa;
SR 487 from SR 61 to SR 54 in Paxinos Elysburg;
SR 890 between Highway whiteys in the municipality of Rockefeller and SR 61 in Upper Augusta Township;
SR 1005 (Seagrave Drive) in Delaware Township, between Eighth Street Drive and SR 54;
SR 1007 (Susquehanna Road) from Route 44 in McEwensville to Rovendale unit in the district of Delaware;
SR 1014 (Brimmer Avenue) in Watsontown, from Main Street to the river bridge;
SR 1001 (Musser Lane) in the town of Delaware SR 54 to SR 405;
SR 1024 (Ridge Road) in the municipality of point, from Spruce Street to Roush Hollow Drive / Mountain Road;
SR 1025 (Shakespeare Road) in East Chillisquaque municipality, from State Highway 45, Highway Hobbes;
SR 1029 (Creek Road) in East Chillisquaque municipality, from State Highway 642 from Highway Bridge;
SR 2003 (Logan Run Road) in Rush Township, between Hill Road and Warner;
SR 2004 (Bowden Road) in Rush Township, between Logan Run Road and SR 54;
SR 2007 (short cut) in Shamokin Township, the road to Friedlin Snydertown Road;
SR 2020 (Mountain Road) in Ralpho Township, between SR 61 and the Turnpike Road Reading;
SR 2022 (School House Road) in Shamokin Township, from the road to Irish Hollow Valley Road;
SR 3001 in Jackson Township, between the street and the path of Herndon Sucker referral;
SR 3010 (Schwaben Creek Road) in Washington Township, between Valley Road and Slutter Cherrytown Street;
SR 4002 (Kipps Run Road) in Riverside Pine Hollow Swamp Road to Market Road Trailer Park;
SR 4005 (Market Street) in Snydertown County, between SR 61 and Sunbury Street;
SR 4020 (sanctification Run Road) in the municipality of Rockefeller, the mountain road to SR 890 Dornsife;
SR 4026 (Irish Valley Road) in the town of Shamokin, between Hollow Road and SR 61;
Snyder County
SR 104 from State Road 35 to SR 15.11;
SR 522 in Middletown Township on SR 104;
SR 1003 (Walnut Acres Road) in the center of town, from State Road 104 Richard Road;
SR 1009 (Smalsh Barrick Road) in the Middle Creek Township, from State Highway 522 in Sportsman Drive;
SR 1014 (Mill Road) in Monroe Township, from State Road 204, Airport Road;
SR 2009 (Middlecreek Road) in Penn Township, from Market Street to SR 35;
SR 3003 (Heister Valley Road) in West Perry Township, from State Highway 35 and Winey Road;
SR 3005 (Mill Road Race) in the town of Perry, 35 to SR Heister Valley Road;
SR 3007 (Iron Bridge Road) in Franklin Township, the SR 522 to Paxtonville Road;
Sullivan County
SR 87 from Route 220 in Dushore to I-180 on the Lycoming County;
SR 154 in Elkland Township between the two intersections with SR 4008;
SR 154 from SR 220 to SR 87 Laporte in Forksville;
SR 220 throughout the region from the Lycoming County Bradford County;
SR 2001 (Beaver Lake Road) in the town of Davidson, the Lycoming County line to SR 42;
SR 2002 (Nordmont Road) in the town of Davidson, between Brown and Brook Road Long Hill Road;
SR 2003 (Nordmont Road) in the town of Laporte, and 220 between SR Nordmont;
SR 4001 (Elk Creek Road) from State Highway 154 in Lincoln falls to SR 87 in Hillsgrove Township;
** SR 4005 (Middle Road) in the town of Fox, the mountain road to SR 154;
Tioga County
Union County
SR 15 in Lewisburg closed between SR 45 and SR 192;
SR 44 in Gregg Township, 3 miles west of Route 15 and Mill Road in Washington Township, Lycoming County;
SR 1001 (Johnson Mill Road) in Buffalo Township, State Road 192 from Col. John Kelly Road in Mazeppa;
SR 1003 (Hoffa Mill Road / Fort Titzell Road) in Buffalo and municipalities Kelly, SR 192 to drive the cross road;
SR 1004 (Cross Roads unit) in the town of Kelly, of Fort Road to Hollow Road Titzell;
** SR 1005 (River Road) in the town of Kelly, SR 15 and Water Street;
SR 1010 (White Deer Pike) in the town of White Deer, Old Route 15 to the Northumberland County line;
SR 1011 (Third Street / Old Route 15) between Route 642 in West Milton and SR 15 in the town of White Deer;
SR 2001 (Beaver Run Road) in Buffalo Township, from State Highway 45 and SR 192;
SR 2005 (Salem Church Road) in East Buffalo Township, from the street Furnace Road pheasant;
SR 2007 (Smoketown Road) in East Buffalo Township, from State Highway 45 and Washington Avenue;
SR 3003 (Calle Ocho) in Mifflinburg, Meadow Lane to the south of Green Ridge Road;
SR 3003 (Millmont Road) in the town of Lewis, between Creek Road and Haupt;
SR 3004 (Creek Road) in the town of Lewis, Shirk Road to Millmont Road.
Bradford County
** SR 6 in Burlington and West Burlington municipalities of Berwick Turnpike Bailey Corners Road;
SR 6 in Wysox and municipalities foot stone unit Masonite Valley Road;
SR 6 Golden Mile Wysox of SR 187 to SR 2032;
SR 6 from SR 187 in Wysox Valley Road up to the town of Stone;
** SR 14 in the county of Lycoming County SR 414 to the street;
SR 187 from Wysox to the Wyoming County line;
SR 187, SR 467 of the municipality of Rome to the state line in New York;
SR 187 in the municipality of asylum Kilmer Hill Road north of the street;
SR 187 in the town of Orwell (with bridge) a quarter mile north of Orwell Hill Road;
SR 187, Wyalusing New Albany Road to the Wyoming County line;
SR 220 SR 414 in Monroeton closed to Wyalusing New Albany Road New Albany;
SR 220 Overton Road in New Albany Laddsburg Hill Road in Albany Township;
SR 409 in Wyalusing Township, from State Highway 706 in Camptown Road Brewer in the gap;
SR 467 in Rome Township, from State Highway 187 to Ridge Road Ireland;
SR 706 Waterman Road in Baldwin Township Stevens Road in Susquehanna County;
SR 1017 (Herrickville Road) in the municipality of Herrick, the SR 706 at Camptown to Arey Road;
SR 1020 (Shores Road) in the municipality of Sheshequin between Sackett Hill Road and Crowley Road;
SR 1029 (Lake Hill) from SR 187 to SR 1031;
SR 1038 (Warren Center Road) in the town of Warren, Warren Road Leraysville Center;
SR 1040 (Cadiz Road) in Warren Township, road Leraysville line of New York;
SR 1049 (Leraysville Road) in Pike, Warren and Windham townships, from SR 467 to SR 187;
SR 1055 (Battle Creek Road) from State Highway 187 in Rome of the Cotton Hollow Road;
SR 1055 (Battle Creek Road) in Rome Township, Parks Creek Road from State Road Company;
SR 1056 (Front Street) in Athens Township, from State Highway 199 north of Rome by road;
SR 1057 (North Rome Road) in the town of Litchfield, between Ridge Road and the street Athlete;
SR 1058 (Litchfield Road) in the town of Litchfield, the path of snow to the state line in New York;
SR 1067 (Hill Road) in the town of Litchfield Road Litchfield Road hole for cotton;
SR 2007 (Wilmot Road) SR 2011 to SR 2009;
SR 2024 (Airport Road) in the town of Towanda, the main street of Kilmer Hill Road;
SR 3005 (Canton Cross Road) in Canton Township Southside Road to SR 414;
SR 3019 (Bailey Corners Road) from SR 514 to SR 414;
SR 4020 (Mile Lane) in Athens Township Wilawana road mountain road.
Schuylkill County
Route 924 between Lock Eagle Lodge in the Union Township and the unity of Scots pine in Hazle Township, Luzerne County, because of flooding, Route 325 between School Lane and the U.S. 209 in Tower City County due to flooding, Route 645 near the intersection with Route 443 in Pine Grove due to flooding of the city, Interstate 81 interchange ramps of exit 138/Route 309 due to a truck trailer overturned.
These roads are closed for safety reasons and warned motorists not to drive for PennDOT barriers on roads closed.
Postponements & Cancellations
Lewisburg Christ Lutheran Church – Beth Moore Bible Study on Thursday morning and evening are canceled
USED TO does not provide rides on 8 September due to road conditions. Customer service representatives will be available after 8:00 a.m. September 8 to make travel requests and cancellation.

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