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Pasadena Playhouse UssPost.comPasadena Playhouse | theater of its current production of “Camelot,” in danger of leaving his future as the company’s leaders find their way in financial crisis, including a possible bankruptcy, will close February 7 after the final performance.

And hired the Executive Director in June of last year, Stephen H. operation theater, the 37 staff members of the staff to a meeting on Thursday that they knew would be useful. Theater will continue to run primarily of cash, he said, and the bill immediately, and more than $ 15 million bank loan, and other loans since the mid-1990s has become the non-profit organization from the list $ 500,000 faces.

Founded in 1917, the theater was built in 1937 as the State Theater in California.

That nearly $ 6 million and capital Eich said the scene of campaign contributions to the renewal option is not exploitation. “The only place for us in any way not to solve problems. Money is the restriction of the building ‘. Return ”

Instead, he said, he and the theater-old artistic director Sheldon Epps and company boards on their feet with plans to hand so that instead of trying to come – is the foundation of the mouth that it became impossible to try to make as a charity in the economy took a heavy toll .

The first step, Eich said one bankruptcy lawyer as a potential will be appointed to provide advice on these issues. He said he was confident that if the theater is 8,000 H. customers will be reimbursed.

He said: “We season it easy for customers to see, and we are destroyed,” he said.

Also linked to the city is likely to avoid asked about the closed theater, Eich said: “There is a clear desire to avoid the scene, and this I think it’s for the community need to redefine our position and the financing of community work. It should be.”

Already one of the major arts organizations in Southern California recession: 2008 November, Opera and the Pacific, located in Orange County, Costa Mesa, Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed by the Center for the performing arts and went out of existence is claimed.

One of the donors who pay Eich Theater $ 5 million was discovered that their hopes on the 684 seats in the main stage name of honor, but that did not happen.

That the change in EPS contribution they have no hope of passing. About a year ago when the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art was a similar position, stepped Arts Eli improved with a larger $ 30 million commitment.

“There is nothing more iron in the fire, and now, but it takes time and harvest is plentiful,” he said Epps. “In fact we know that in spite of the economy, the gift of making those types of arts organizations.”

One question, “said Epps, with financial assistance of the City of Pasadena will be ready for action. In one located in the city of $ 1 – is one of the subcontractors on the public performance spaces, and building owned by the private sector provides the theater.

It is envisaged that the EPAs to be the scene of their next game, it’s Noel Coward in “The fall of the angels alive, but with a lack of money to play in all weather conditions can go further, to the leaders only for a little longer, I have decided to stop and return to play them, or others the same strong feelings about this figure is that way. ”

It is a mistake, he told the soldiers, but only by sacrificing reducing the quality of the construction. For this, “The economy has not registered on the stage. I did not want that.”

Theater financial problems long before September, when spending a week to save the show closed early – “Children in the night,” a play by Charles Randolph-Wright that the family is trying to recover from the tragedy of women as starred JoBeth Williams.

Four of the staff time dropped to H. The end of the year, which donated the scene of more than $ 1 million needed to cover the pillow in the bill $ 600,000 as of this 2010 season, the establishment of leadership. But the season came back home to play quietly. Theater in the 1920s in his late start at the national level, as well as the role of the scaffold, it is a university-level theater training program in New York City features a branch was called home. , Charles Bronson, Nick Nolte, Robert Young, Raymond bites, and Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman and his students or staff members, between Sally Struthers

During the 2008 season, the most recent economic difficulties and play a home alcoholic meet the objectives of fund-raising could come at the summit failure.

Country’s economic problems at home while playing in his plan are some of the big things in the field of energy with a focus on fundraising. In 2007 it was announced that donate their services to the architectural design of Frank Gehry’s new 300 – to 400-seat theater, a landmark Spanish-colonial, which is the main forum in the state of California, 684 seats in the House of Representatives for the increase. Before turning to this great project, Jerry current 86 seats in the second phase is being replicated Carrie Hamilton Theater. Theater board member of actress Carol Burnett, a daughter, Hamilton (named in memory of the dead of cancer in 2002), and radical theater company, its leader, Damaso Rodriguez, went to his house to the scene of Pasadena, associate artistic director.

It is uncertain how this conclusion Ebbs small theater company, which will affect the lives of Hamilton uses the rent free. A spokesman for the Tortuga, said angry “by the men of Jason Wells’ pending the development of the opening February 20 is still scheduled, but a necessary step if the company.

He said that there are still funds grant EPS in Hamilton occasional readings of new plays, theater program “in the hothouse of” running, although it can be transmitted to another location. Lovers of the bridge and their son, Jordan, is scheduled to star in a reading of Stephen Metcalf is the “general” February 9 and 10.

Although in recent years, it was announced on the success of the stage to raise funds, and $ 3 – million gift in October 2008, including an anonymous donor last fall, Epps admitted that some of those involved pledges over a period of time of payment, and money in the hands not of immediate financial pressure relief. Leaders of the company’s drive to build ever – debt problems can be retired, Epps said: “to raise money [play] credit is difficult if not almost impossible. I do not think it was wise, keeping closer to have discussed other things for fundraising to closed, in order to raise money for the loan. ”

Thanks in the house to play back that already exist in the presence of the organization. City of Pasadena at a later time, and bought the building in 1975, and real estate developer David Hawk, who, more than 16 years after the disabled, a place that was resumed in 1986 with dreams that a crucial step in the development and will show round the stage under the banner of one of America Corp. California sites may Hawk circles. Planning is in progress, but in 1994 during the economic recession began to collapse, and rotation of the hook in 1995. Went bankrupt. Left to the theater now runs a not-for-profit debt was nearly $ 25 million shoulders.

EPS era began in 1997, when he was San Diego, where he was associate artistic director, he was kept away from the globe. Under the EPAs, Executive Director of the following-and-white, chipped away at this debt theater maintenance EPS wryly and marriage “refers to that I enter” tax records show that never was, but after Sept. 11 led recession reduced contributions and red ink, with a high debt once again to more $ 1 million.

Upon the return of good times, the theater has a budget surplus and the creation of artistic and box office success with programs such as August Wilson fence “where the production in 2006.” With the former, who are bitter Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett as a ballplayer and starring his wife, played to sell to more than 1 million households all. Of theater, which is 9.2 billion years of a million people in 2006 revenue growth for the fiscal year during the peak of gas.

In 2007, a record $ 8.3 million cost of the theater, and big up to the film “Sister Act version of the range include the proceeds of music, according to.”

Soon, however, that the slowdown started taking its toll: in 2008, records show, for Theater at the box office take of $ 3.2 million, the lowest level since the recession in 2003, down from $ 4 million.

Thursday’s meeting was told employees to close the “anger and frustration in the mood was melancholy, but ultimately, it is expected that the work of drilling and tax breaks, [and] one of us the financial work is, the best place Epps’ he said.

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