Paint Your Nails Instead Of Eating

February 25, 2012 by staff 

Paint Your Nails Instead Of Eating, Tips: Things to Do Instead of Eating
Exercise- Duh burns cals & helps tone you up. Also by the time you finish you probably won’t be hungry. You don’t want to ruin your hard work with any more food

Paint your nails- Can’t eat anything if your nails are wet! And you wouldn’t want to ruin that manicure you just worked so hard on. Plus the smell of the nail polish usually puts me off eating anyway.
Brush your teeth- Whiten & brighten that smile! Plus, ever tried to eat something right after you brush? It tastes disgusting! (Don’t believe me? Drink orange juice after and tell me you don’t want to barf) And you won’t want to have to go back and do it again after you eat.
Chew gum- Same idea as above. Mint kills the taste of food you eat after. You could also get gum that tastes like food, like the Dessert Delights gum. Sometimes just the act of chewing makes you feel like you ate.
Eat ice- Like I said, sometimes you just need to chew something. This will also help you get more water into your body and help you burn cals to warm up.
Clean your room- Fold those clothes at the foot of your bed. Reorganize your closet. Pick out an outfit that would look AWESOME at your goal weight. Fix up your dresser drawers so everything fits. Throw away/donate clothes that are too big for you. Don’t keep them “just in case”. You are getting thinner, not bigger!
Organize your dressers/tables/desk- Mine are always cluttered so if I’m feeling particularly hungry or like I’m about to binge, this helps kill a LOT of time.
Clean something gross- I used to clean my cat’s litter box before lunch. It grossed me out so I’d either wait longer to eat or eat less. Other good options: doing dishes, cleaning the toilet, shower, or sink. Also, cleaning makeup brushes works too because it keeps your hands busy for awhile.
Vacuum- if you have a big house you are burning lots of cals. Your parents will thank you too, or if you live alone, you’ll have a nice clean house all to yourself!
Take your dog for a walk- OK you should be doing this anyway if you have one, but try taking a longer walk instead of just letting them go to the bathroom. Go down the street, down the block, go around a lake community or into a field. Let them explore!
Go for a walk with a friend/family member- Catch up on gossip while you get in shape. My friend & I used to do this alot during the summer. You don’t realize how hard you’re working! If you don’t have a friend to go with, go with a family member or push a baby stroller while you walk (this burns extra cals BONUS)
Add up your calories for the day- By the time you see how much you ate, you probably won’t want to anymore.
Start a thinspo journal- Besides your tumblr, it helps to have something you can hold in your hands to help you when you’re not online (or when tumblr freaks out). Put in it what inspires you whether that means pictures, quotes, exercises, calorie counts, memories of WHY you’re doing this, etc.
Read a book- I used to read for hours at a time and never eat. Get wrapped up in someone else’s story for awhile.
Play a game- Some kind of simulation game usually helps. For me, its Sims. I like controlling people/things, what can I say? You get so wrapped up in it you don’t realize how much time is going by!
Take a nap- Sleep is so important and helps recharge your body and helps your muscles grow and recover. Try to get 7-8 hours per night. Take a 20 minute cat nap if you need to feel a little refreshed. Don’t sleep too long or you’ll get groggy!
Make some tea- Green tea is best but black tea or some kind of flavored tea like peppermint would be good too. Don’t add anything to it, except maybe a little lemon or 0 calorie sweetener. Warms you up and makes you feel full!
Use whitestrips or some whitening product- Generally when using these, you can’t eat for like an hour or something, and once you’re done you won’t want to stain those teeth!
Play around with makeup- Remember being little and playing with makeup like a fool? Do that again. Come up with new looks. Try something different. Use those colors you’d never wear out of the house. Just occupy yourself. You never know what will look good, also! You could find something new to try!
Watch makeup/hair tutorials on YouTube- I learned how to do a LOT of things on youtube from beauty gurus. Watch & try out some of the things you see. Practice a lot so when you hit your UGW you will look awesome!
Put up inspiring pictures around your room- They don’t have to be pictures of models or thinspo, just anything that will inspire you. Pictures of beaches, friends, pictures of you at a higher weight, interesting ads, whatever will push you.
Look online for outfits you want when your skinny- Everything looks better when you’re thin. Think of that as you shop around
Figure out an upcoming event that you want to look good for- This can be any number of things: holidays like Xmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, personal days like your birthday, your bf/gf’s birthday, prom, some kind of dance, graduation, etc. Set a goal for this day and work out a plan to reach it. Write this day down everywhere as motivation. Start a countdown. Stick to the plan.
Pamper yourself- Put on a facemask, soak your feet, file your nails, get in the tub, do a deep conditioner treatment on your hair. Bonus points if you make the facemask or conditioner yourself (you can find recipes online). You deserve to pamper yourself and make yourself feel good. Put your feet up for a little while and just destress. If your restricting or dieting your face and hair could probably use a little help anyway. This will make you feel good AND look good. Plus stress leads to weight gain! EEK
Go to the mall- I dont know about you, but looking at clothes and the sizes always motivates me to lose weight. Plus I always see the tiniest girls there too EVERY SINGLE TIME! And if its not enough to look at something, pick up something that you know is too small or is your ideal size and take it into the dressing room to try it on. Then you can see what you still have to do to fit into it.. That’s motivation for me. If you can’t drive yet, something else you can do besides browsing online is go to your favorite store’s website (like or something) and look at the size chart. Look at the measurements of the size you are now and compare them to the size you want to be. This will no doubt help keep you from eating and will make you wanna get up right then and start working towards that goal!

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