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May 5, 2011 by staff 

Osama Photo, WikiLeaks Whether or The Washington Post or a continuing campaign conducted by Donald Trump – we the people will see the death of Osama bin Laden.

How cannot the president Barack Obama get it? How can disregard this final victory for justice as rubbing it in, as he told “60 Minutes”?

Once again, the average American voters are looking to our president and asking, “Who is this guy?” Was not the whole 9 / 11? Do not see the pictures of the charred wreckage at Ground Zero or watch the video of Americans jumping to their deaths?

And now, after two days of hesitation, he says we cannot see the body of the murderer responsible for this horror? We’re talking about Osama bin Laden – a man most of us would have beaten to death with his bare hands if given the chance. And our president does not let us see a bad picture of his corpse?

I know, I know. Releasing the photo inflame Muslim sensibilities, will “create a national security risk.” Unlike what? Gunning down Osama and his body dumped at sea? E invades a sovereign Muslim nation to do so?

The sending of Seal Team 6, which seemed so daring two days ago, now seems a bit silly. As Jim Geraghty at National Review, said, “The good thing is that he risked the SEALs and not just bomb the place, we need tangible proof. Tangible proof that no one will see.”

All the talk about the theories of DNA and the conspiracy is irrelevant. We want – no, we must – for the same reason families of murder victims can watch the execution of the murderer. It’s personal.

We have seen the video of Daniel Pearl – live men beheaded by Osama. We saw the burned, decapitated bodies of Americans hanging in Fallujah. And one of Obama’s first acts as president was to release the photos of flag-draped coffins of our fallen soldiers.

And now is the time of our enemies to see the consequences of their actions, but our president does not want to “peak of football.”

Mr. President, there is a “football” and this is not a game. There are murderers sick, twisted Islamists to fill his pants with explosives. The man who helped launch her cause, which helped to kill Americans on three continents, has been caught.

In a just world, his body would be dragged through the streets of every U.S. city, so that everyone could see the work of our seals. Instead, we – the people who paid the bills and sent to our children and support our troops – must settle for a photo.

However, thanks to Obama, or even understand.

Yesterday, White House spokesman Jay Carney asked if the families of the victims 09.11 to at least get to see the photos. His response was simply to say that “Osama is dead,” the president said, and that is enough.

No, it is not. None of this – the mishandling of the details of the raid, the talk about the release of photos, pleases the Arab street – is enough? Americans demand better, and we will get.

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