Osama Dead Body

May 9, 2011 by staff 

Osama Dead BodyOsama Dead Body, President Obama has decided not to publish photos of the leader of al Qaeda – the corpse of Osama Bin Laden. Does that mean that Osama was tortured before he was shot? There should be no problem publishing photos of dead Osama, if it was just “dead.” U.S. Special Forces had given Osama extensive torture that the photos are so “awful” and cannot be released to the public?

The deadline for Osama seems to be creating more problems for the U.S. that when he was alive.

What are most important here are, the reasons why America entered (this would not as an “invasion” as Pakistan was not aware of the entry of U.S. forces on its soil) Pakistan and carried out a military incursion?
The normal procedure is the first that should be communicated to the United Nations. According to the UN Charter no Member State has the right to enforce any resolution to the armed forces to another country unless the United Nations has granted them permission to do so. That is killing people in the country, bombing the country or even try another country’s head of state in international research, first there must be proper UN authorization – like what is happening in Libya this time. Bombing Libya and Gaddafi’s son to kill all happened after the UN gave the green light to so-called powerful countries. ”

The worst America could not tolerate the fact Osama America is against them. Osama also chose “t*rror*sm” to teach a lesson to the United States. Attack the United States was very unfavorable to Osama and was the most disgusting that I could never do.
The “authoritarian character” of modern America will not run anything or anyone that is not listening to them. However, Bin Laden the way of teaching a lesson to the United States has claimed thousands of lives of innocent civilians, who had no relation with the methods of America’s control or actions.
This shameful act is similar to that of the terrorist LTTE leader Prabhakaran was attacking villages. LTTE terrorists brutally massacred innocent civilians in the villages. And finally, the suffering of innocent civilians became a boomerang to the LTTE terrorist leader Prabhakaran, and he paid the price for his crimes. Bin Laden also experienced the same situation.

However, the UN seems to be acting in total ignorance regarding the death of Bin Laden, without weapons, even before he made a gesture with “White Flag.” UN maintains a warm approach to the whole incident. It took three days to the UN Human Rights chief Navanethem Pillay to the U.S. to reveal details of killing Osama, and that too in a very lethargic.

If it was Sri Lanka, Navanethem Pillay, could be seen running up and down demanding full disclosure. She was furious when Sri Lanka ended the LTTE terrorists. However, to kill Osama, no human rights problems, nothing, “White Flag” stories, and will not either.
Even Ban Ki Moon, maintains complete silence on the hunt for Osama and his so-called “expert panel” is where they are.

UN mission against Sri Lanka suffered a blow with the assassination of Osama. Now the United Nations is, literally speaking.
Fortunately no casualties third, otherwise would not have created many problems.

Running mission to kill Osama Bin Laden was code-named “Operation Geronimo.” It is said that the name of an Apache leader Geronimo. Jerome is one of the greatest heroes of Native Americans lived in the 19th century who spent many years fighting against the armies of Mexico and the U.S. Geronimo was never a terrorist or extremist, or even a separatist. He was a famous warrior who fought against Mexico and the United States for its expansion in Apache tribal lands for decades. It says it was able to walk through muddy land without even a trace, so that their enemies cannot find any traces.

Native Americans have expressed great dissatisfaction with this, as it is a shame and insult to the Native American Heroes murderer operation associated with the name of a hero.

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