Osama Bin Laden Raid

May 8, 2011 by USA Post 

Osama Bin Laden RaidOsama Bin Laden Raid, President Barack Obama gave the go ahead for U.S. forces to attack a compound housing Pakistan’s northern based on “what was probably a 50-50 that Osama bin Laden was there,” said national security adviser.

On April 28, Obama attended the last of several meetings of the National Security Council focused on finding and prosecuting the leader of Al Qaeda. During that meeting, some called for the passage of a command, while others advised against it, according to Homeland Security adviser Tom Donilon, there have been no sightings of bin Laden clear at that time.

“He had managed to divide the lawyer, and that happens a lot,” said CNN’s Candy Crowley Donilon on Saturday, part of an interview airing Sunday on “State of the Union.” “It was a circumstantial case.”

After a night of sleep, Obama told Donilon at 8:20 am the next day to draft the search warrant. In the afternoon – which was early Monday in Pakistan – 38-minute mission was over, Team USA-25, had flown out of the country, along with the corpse of Bin Laden.

Like other administration officials Obama, Donilon applauded the decision and final result of the cancellation of the No. 1 man on “Terorist Most Wanted” FBI list. He called it “the greatest achievement we have had one sometime” in the fight against Al Qaeda.

Especially as we continue to study through the voluminous material from the complex, the U.S. authorities are more convinced than ever that bin Laden was an operational and strategic role, not to speak of a symbolic key, the terrorist network. His death, Donilon said, is a blow to Al Qaeda.

“At the end of last year, which had assessed that al Qaeda had been reduced … to its lowest level since 2001,” said security consultant, who previously served in the administrations of Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. “There was a big step back on Sunday.”

One of the reasons why the assessment is what Donilon called “extraordinary” amount of intelligence that U.S. Special Forces were able to take from the compound Abbottabad. An interagency working group is looking through these documents, computer hard disks and other materials – intermittently disclosure including five videotapes with bins Laden, released on Saturday.

“This is the largest cache of information … ever met in a high terrorist” Donilon said, calling the amount of material seized approximately equal to “size of a small college library.”

Despite the doubts of some conspiracy theorists, Al Qaeda has acknowledged that Bin Laden was dead. This means that his deputy, the radical Egyptian doctor, Ayman al-Zawahiri, will rise to the top of the list of the FBI, according to Donilon and U.S. and allied forces continue their efforts to find him and other leaders of Al Qaeda.

Last week, CIA director, Leon Panetta, (which Obama has been nominated to succeed Robert Gates as defense secretary) told House members during a closed-door briefing that Pakistan was “to intervene, or incompetent”, according to two sources present. There have been indications of the Pakistani authorities knew or acted in the knowledge that Bin Laden was living in the same city as one of its top military academies.

Donilon not suggest the Pakistani authorities knew the leader of Al Qaeda; he lived in the city, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of the capital Islamabad, or in any way he harbored. He said: “I have not seen any evidence, at least so far, the political apparatus, military or intellgence knew of the presence of Osama bin Laden.”

However, U.S. authorities are concerned about the fact that the leader of Al Qaeda could remain there for six years or so “without being detected, said Donilon.

“Clearly we will work with (the Pakistani authorities) to understand how we got to this point,” he said.

Donilon said Pakistan’s active role in the pursuit of terrorists, calling them “a very important partner” despite the existence of some “differences” with U.S. authorities. He said: “If we find things that are very disturbing … no doubt going to the press that” – even though Islamabad and Washington expected to continue to work together.

“We have to do this in a calm and cool,” said Donilon. “(Given) what Americans have at stake in this region, this is an important relationship.”

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