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February 16, 2011 by staff 

Online Stopwatch, Many websites, which provides the features of timers and stopwatches to its users, usually these sites use the java-based functions. You can browser these sites to use stopwatches and timers, timers on the Web and With, I type in the number of hours, minutes and seconds and click “Go!” The timer starts counting down immediately. When it reaches zero, it is a heart monitor acute hospital irritating beep-beep, beep-beep. Impossible to ignore.

Online works the same way. Select the countdown function, set the time and click “Start”. End time limit, an alarm clock startles you cacophony on your skin. Again, impossible to ignore.

If you have a background of malice and want to lead others in your office crazy, you can customize the alarm to sound like a siren warning air horn of a scuba diving or a horse race bugle.

As an alternative, less intrusive, you can make the alarm sound like an audience applauding with appreciation. Consider it a reward for successfully concluding session of your social media.

Whatever method you choose, commit to using it consistently. Serving as your own guardian will help you use social media in a productive manner. And over time, the strategic use of social media tools can give your company a competitive advantage.

Anyone who has dabbled in social networking know how easy it is to lose track of time while chatting on Facebook, brainstorming tweets, update your LinkedIn profile or obsessively checking visitor statistics.

These seemingly innocuous activities can quickly become addictive and can distract you from running your business. And that’s not what you want to happen, especially if your goal for the use of social media is to build businesses.

Unless you’re one of those rare individuals who have a reliable internal clock coupled to a high degree of self-discipline, you will need to carefully monitor your time social networking.

First, you must become aware of exactly how much time you spend per week for social networking. In his book, “168 hours”, Laura Vanderkam suggests writing down what you do every hour of the day for a whole week. “Think of yourself as a lawyer billing your time to different projects,” she writes.

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