One Nation Rally

October 2, 2010 by USA Post 

One Nation Rally, On October 2 tens of thousands of people will unite in Washington, DC demanding that Congress reject the Republican obstruction of the right and to the creation of jobs and the plight of the unemployed on the front of the stage.

The midterm elections as crucial in the history of our country are only a month. What are the issues? The future evolution of our country voted for in 2008 with the election of President Obama. The message then was clear: voters were tired of the political right attacking people working, tired of endless war, racism, environmental destruction, hatred and division.

But the forces of reaction and their supporters on Wall Street in the right talk shows and networks come together. They seek to return to power by taking advantage of the frustration, fear and despair huge Americans suffering in the midst of the economic crisis.

Corporate America is doing everything possible to cultivate fear, hysteria and hatred. They seek to discredit, divide and derail the thing they fear most – the power of united movement for change led by President Obama. This movement includes labor, communities of color, women, youth, the LGBT community and their many allies.

They are stirring up hatred and confusion – using as they always have – the pollutants twins and vile racism and red baiting.

They seek to tear the beautiful multi-racial, multi-national fabric that make up this country, through the use of despicable racism and prejudice aimed at Pres. Obama, African Americans, Latinos, other people of color, immigrants and the LGBT community. They seek to infect white Americans dissatisfied with racist ideas and hope they will vote against their own interests.

Corporate America is also using anti-communism and redbaiting to confuse and divide the popular movement, charging Obama and the movement that elected him is “socialist.” They seek to revive the “red menace” of the 1950s; McCarthyism distorted the national discourse, violations of democracy and freedom of expression, effectively divided the labor and popular movements, setbacks and progress for a generation.

But that’s another time. People have learned the bitter lessons of history. Millions of people coming forward to counter the fear and hatred of unity and hope, and protect Democratic majorities in Congress. The Communist Party USA and Young Communist League with them.

While thousands are rallying in Washington for jobs, hundreds of thousands of other patriotic Americans who cannot do it will be there in spirit. They go through the door of their day prospecting at the door, phone banking, registering new voters and talk to their neighbors and colleagues on these issues.

This activism wills also Mar-million U.S. to the polls Nov. 2. At the edge of change, they voted for in 2008.

Those who choose to stand in the way that expression of the highest ideals of our nation to oppose the interests of the vast majority of American people.

It seems that identifying “Communist” is no longer a no-no in American politics. Communism is often described as “a socio-political movement, which seeks a classless society structured on the collective ownership of production means and the end of the wage system and private property.” Moreover, “the exact definition of communism is variable and is commonly used interchangeably with socialism, however, the communist theory says that socialism is a transitional step on the path to communism. ”

It is surprising that a group that has openly the end of “wage labor” as one of its ideals and objectives of Barack Obama sees as the “they voted for change in 2008.” None of these answers is intended to indicate that President Obama a closet Marxist, as many conservatives believe, but it is projecting that the Communist Party and from the Democratic Party almost exactly the same talking points when discussing the bottom of the GOP.

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