Oklahoma City Bombing

April 19, 2010 by Post Team 

Oklahoma City BombingOklahoma City Bombing:Two events are forever intertwined. I covered both for NBC News. I remember standing in front of the fire that killed more than 80 men, women and children in Waco like it was yesterday. I remember looking at the face in front of the Murrah Federal Building bombing battered Oklahoma City, two years later and I wonder: could the two events related?

Frantic hours

They were the first hours after the attack of panic and fear. Initially, authorities closed the airport in the bombing of Oklahoma City. Then there was talk of a new pump.

Nobody knows for sure who is responsible for the attack or why it happened. The panic occurs. Rescue efforts were hampered, and within hours told us it was probably no more victims were rescued. recovery effort began.

I remember three days later I returned to my hotel in downtown Oklahoma City bombing and spotted a poster in the lobby to invite journalists to a reception at one of the top floor.

I checked and found a room with coffee, soft drinks, snacks and a man who said he was with Christian groups have decided that all people have begun psychological and moral support – the victims, rescue workers, families – and why not exists for journalists, men and women includes gruesome story. I will never forget that act of kindness.

Full Circle

Timothy McVeigh was arrested by Charlie accidentally suspension, a highway patrolman Oklahoma, who see the homeless people who lost their plates in an old rusty Mercury Marquis with a time of 90 minutes of the attack.

Hangers, as the unsung heroes if any, see the bulge under the jacket and found that McVeigh had a gun. McVeigh was arrested for driving without license plates and arrested on charges of firearms.

Two days later, as McVeigh will be released soon, he was identified as a suspect and was charged with the bombing.

Everyone rushed to the Noble County Courthouse 70 miles north of the bombing of Oklahoma City. When I arrived at the court was full of people who were there to see the man who allegedly killed 168 people and wounded hundreds more in the 19 April. We waited for hours to McVeigh out of jail because the government feared that someone tried to kill him.

FBI snipers on rooftops and McVeigh finally pulled a few minutes before 6 o’clock in orange prison jumpsuit, the second for the last time I had ever seen in public.

In the days and weeks after we knew he had been in Waco during the confrontation with the Branch Davidians and the disaster is what drives the plot. This story has come full circle.

Over the years, I returned to Oklahoma City bombing and I already knew many of the victims and their families.


Video- Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary

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