Occupy Wall Street

October 2, 2011 by USA Post 

Occupy Wall StreetOccupy Wall Street, Romper Room Revolution is fun. Last night the Wall street children occupy decided it would be a good idea to leave about 800 of its members on the Brooklyn Bridge, which is currently under construction. The group has in its Romper Stompers and headed along the length of time, spilling into the street and cause traffic jams and a dangerous situation for motorists.

There were reports about 700 arrests (mostly for disorderly conduct citations), many released immediately afterwards. Police say they issued several warnings to the protesters not to enter the highway because of the dangers posed to themselves and motorists. Police said someone in the group did, but many defied police warnings and went on the road with closed arms shouting “go.” However, many others sat or laid down on the road.

Later, according to occupy the site of Wall Street there is a message saying. “Police seem to have deliberately misled the protesters” Okay, that’s why I call this revolution Romper Room. This event is a sham, could get younger? The promise of rock bands, the false statement by police with tear gas and not complain that the police misled the protesters to be arrested … is really great entertainment … you can not make this stuff up. Meanwhile, the group has no specific goals and content with being a public spectacle. This joint event is like a great episode of SouthPark lampooning the privileged, upper-class American children to organize a revolution for nothing … or all … but without knowing what it is.

Wall Street deal is a misnomer and is the first mistake of this group did. The name “Wall Street” and the original purpose of the New York Stock Exchange was very convenient and the kids who started this probably saw something in a movie Wall Street. The fact of the matter is that Wall Street had little or nothing to do with the recent collapse and rescue companies. There are no credit default swaps traded in the stock market, no mortgage-backed securities traded there. In fact, there are fewer stocks traded there today than in the past 50 years. People who work on Wall Street today are mostly white-collar working class people that nominal wages especially in the 40,000 to 50,000 and wide … the truth that 99% are workers.

Occupy The problem with Wall Street is that nobody in the group seems to really know what happens on Wall Street, or how it works. They just know they are angry and want someone to feel the pain, if he is guilty or not. Wall Street occupy the crowd has repeatedly shown a group of spoiled children who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Tactics used to lure poor young children fraudulently (Radio Head concert) and issue false statements to incite public anger toward the police in New York (fake Web Post New York was the use of tear gas ), tr**pling on the rights of individuals (publication of confidential information, personal information about people on the web) and now say the NYPD deceived hundreds to be arrested.

Wall Street deal message of weeding out corruption and fight against greed socially debilitating is a very noble indeed. The manifestation of their efforts however, is an eyesore and an affront to most decent people. They are rapidly becoming more offensive than the problem we oppose. In the social life of today’s media driven society, this group could easily get the correct knowledge about the true source of their complaints and organize the most effective means for the purpose of offending parties. This group is leaving a nasty trail of collateral damage affecting many ordinary citizens. There’s a mob mentality and take control of its path, take Wall Street is leaving a trail of violations of individual rights.

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