Occupy Wall Street

October 4, 2011 by staff 

Occupy Wall StreetOccupy Wall Street, Irresponsible spending and Wall Street financial crisis lead to a protest in New York called Occupy Wall Street.

Hundreds of people in the millennial generation in New York gathered to protest the monetary problems of our generation – the mountains of debt from school, high rates of unemployment and overall financial picture bleak.

Although I understand why the protesters are there, we are clear about what your goal is. They have a list of demands in the works can be found in OccupyWallSt.Org:

Congress to pass HR 1489, the restoration of many provisions of the Glass-Steagall.

Congress will ensure federal agencies to thoroughly investigate and prosecute criminals and Wall Street.

Restoring the public airwaves in the United States, so that politicians are given equal time in the daily schedule during the campaign season, and limit the amount companies can spend on campaigns.

Pass the “Rule of Buffet” fair taxation so the super-rich and corporations are paying equally, as the poorest Americans.

Congress amended the Securities and Exchange Commission to provide adequate funding, staff and dispose of items such as the Wall Street leaves the Commission to work in the companies being regulated by the Commission.

Congress will work to limit the effects of pressure groups and practices that result in lobbyist written legislation passing through Congress.

Congress should pass laws restricting conflict of interest as the regulation of business for five years, approval of bonds high and then go to work for that company. The same for judges who may be interested in making laws for 1 percent of the population.

Congress to retract the law that allows companies to have “personality” status.

While all of these goals could be considered valid, or maybe not, a protest it has a clear goal. Issues as big as our broken economy can not be fixed in a protest, or a solution, but to get the message, a specific message must be clearly defined. After all, is not the point of a protest, in part, to attract media attention? The media occupy against Wall Street, if you are covered at all, not quite sure what to say.

It is clear that people are there because the college-age generation is still very affected by the economy and there are many things that upset. The concise message is that we are the richest 99 percent and 1 percent are in charge. However, a large document, the evolution of change is not sending a clear message.

In that sense, the protest is spreading. Many cities throughout the United States are “occupied” by the Wall Street demonstrators.

Colombia is one of them, but we have not seen a move that could keep up. With three campuses of the university, a high-level city and all possible media, it’s a shame that our personal experiences of how to deal protests have ranged from a free hug to see a group on Facebook.

These issues affect college students and urge them to inform themselves about these issues and take a stand.

Colombia is known as a university town, and many of the protests occupy as has been led by a small number of residents, some of whom were high school students. Free Hugs will not cut it anymore. We want to see real action for Columbia students.

Especially at local level, take together is a form of protest to go national, to reach the streets of Wall Street who plays with its national reach. Since the average person who happens not to be informed or know what is happening on Wall Street, it is important that local protesters to get an idea good enough for your information. Again, have a clear goal can contribute to this process.

It is easy to dismiss an event like this. The protesters are mostly young, unemployed and complaints to employees. But they are complaining because they have to go to work, are making a fuss because it’s going to work has become a luxury for our generation.

Our generation is often attacked for not taking care of things. To the extent our protests can sometimes mean a group on Facebook, but this is great. We’re definitely doing something and get a rather negative response. Hundreds of people are detained, news organizations such as NPR neglected to cover the protests and older generations to dismiss the movement as a plaintiff, as did the demonstrators in the 1960′s.

In general, this movement is great. It is important, and as the generation that has more to lose, we should be more informed. The protesters can only help their cause by making it easier to define. A set of objectives is one thing, but there must be a general call to action.

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