Occupy Finds Allies Among Wealthy

October 22, 2011 by staff 

Occupy Finds Allies Among WealthyOccupy Finds Allies Among Wealthy, I’ll be honest here – Holding Wall Street stresses me to hell.

There are plenty of things he had to say about dealing with Wall Street have already been said. And that’s a good thing. Since its launch in New York just over a month, OWS has expanded and developed, responding to criticism and improvement of its message, while expanding its base. This activity has required almost constant commentary from all across the Internet (must be the hashtag) Autostraddle discussed here after its release, and here on the ground a couple of weeks later.

So. According to a lot of signs in the hands of a group of people, we are 99%, but after further inspection, I’m not so sure. Call me a cynic or a Republican (just kidding, I never call it that), but since the squatting movement began in New York just over a month (and I have attended OWS in three different cities since then) I just had feelings … rare in it. And is this strange instinctive visceral discomfort that makes you feel so stressful.

Because I am an activist, right? I have no radical politics? During college I do not go without sleep in my room after spending the night in the deconstruction of class, race, two-party system, capitalism and the military-industrial complex like the first person on earth, like, the notice machine, man? Was I not waiting for others to notice and you agree? Well, I was, and now here it is, so why does it feel so strange?

Wall Street deal is correct in that it is initiating a large-scale conversation about class. At the same time it is also problematic because it simplifies the class struggle. For characterization of the fight in 99% vs. 1% and then attribute this difference solely to corporate greed, it is true in some way, it misses a lot of details. He forgets the stratification that exists within that 99%. That characterizes the struggle of all as equals. Sometimes we forget that, although 99% did not have most of the wealth of the nation, some people within the 99% grew and still lives in comfort, while others have only known poverty all her life.

We must recognize this as a class war, but we must also recognize the complications that come with it. We must recognize and take advantage of intersectionality and diversity that exists and is not reflected, and it must be something more than the occupant Hood. Because yes, is powerful to recognize that the rich get richer at the expense of the rest of us, and yes it’s f**king radical to call that out nationally – and now global – scale, but we must remember to give a nod to history. We must recognize the historical injustice that has landed systematic groups of people on the basis of everything. It is about recognizing that race is not only a separate and indefeatable (or worse, nonexistent or irrelevant) of animals, but is something that is closely linked to economic structures that OWS is trying to overthrow the present.

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