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April 15, 2011 by Post Team 

Obama Open Mic, Jake Tapper and Miller SunLED: President Obama had frank, private donors to campaign Sunday night in Chicago.
Except, as it was not so private. The microphone in the room that was part of his speech that reporters were allowed to hear was open accidentally.

Mark Knoller of CBS heard and recorded the comments, but if this was really a classic open-microphone incident, certainly that was a practical one. Let me put it this way: I do not know if the audio was left deliberately or not, but there is no chance in hell of Fox News going to do much about what President Obama said, because what he said Republicans on was tough as nails.

Through Tapper and SunLED, here’s a selection of what Obama said:

What did the Republican Party hostages taken during the budget battle: “I said, let me tell you something:” I spent a year and a half past medical attention had to take this issue across the country and paid significant political costs for doing so. The idea that I will let you undo a spending bill in six months? “I said, ‘you want to repeal health? Go to it. Let’s have that debate. We will not be able to do by nickel-and-diming me in the budget. Do you think it’s stupid?”
At the start of the Republican Party in the defense of defunding Planned Parenthood: “As soon as we started advertising a spending bill could end up being a bill of health for women, and control began to arrive, you noticed which fell pretty quickly.
He expects the GOP to continue trying to take hostages. “We’ll see it again Let’s see this in the debt limit vote this is going to be the strategy going forward trying to do things they can do. Legislatively under the pretext of reducing spending.”
What the Republican Party said the defunding Planned Parenthood: “You want this debate we are happy to have that discussion will take the debate on the Senate floor or the floor of the House Put it in a? Bill separately. Let’s call. And if you think you can overturn my veto, try. But do not try to sneak through this. ”
In reducing social wedge issues: “I think there is a generational change taking place in part where people say, ‘You know what, we may have disagreements on their own, but this is not what we are concerned not we are. “concerned about the family next door gay. We’re not worried about what women are doing in terms of maintaining their health. We are trying to find a way to move America forward.”
He has not forgotten Ryan Paul fiscally irresponsible path: “When Paul Ryan says his priority is to ensure that just be an accountant in the U.S. and trying to learn to be responsible, this is the same guy who voted for two wars that were unpaid for, voted for Bush’s tax cuts that were not paid for, voted for the bill of drugs that cost as much as my bill on health care – but it was not paid at therefore not on the level “.

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