Obama not a fan of the Kardashians

October 20, 2011 by staff 

Obama not a fan of the KardashiansObama not a fan of the Kardashians, We’re getting the impression that President Obama is not a fan of reality shows in general, and a reality show, in particular – to the point where he does not want her two daughters watching.

“Barack really think that some of the Kardashians – when they see these things – you do not like it more,” said First Lady Michelle Obama to a group of Internet journalists, as reported by the Terra website.

“But somehow I feel as if we were talking about this, and I’m more concerned about the way you take it,” Mrs. Obama said when talking about their daughters Malia and Sasha. “What did you learn when you’ve seen that. And if they are learning the right lessons, like, it was crazy, then I say, all right.”

Keeping Up with the Kardashians follows the travails of celebrity family.

Mrs. Obama also said that the daughters to return the favor to his father admonishing one of his habits – checking her Blackberry.

They will say things like, “let’s have dinner, leave it,” said Mrs. Obama.

IVillage From the report:

Spend an hour with First Lady Michelle Obama, as I have had the pleasure of it Monday, along with a small group of online journalists, and see how raising Malia, now 13, and Sasha, 10, in the normal so that it is possible within the bubble of the White House remains its highest priority.

“They are amazing girls are ready and are friendly and curious,” said the First Lady of the Old Dining room, family room, in the east wing. “And like any mother, I’m hoping they do not mess”, he added, which leads to laughter, because, of course, all mothers in the room, including this one, is concerned about the same thing. Going to call your friends after a visit of children and asks, “How do girls think?” And the answer is always this. “There are children themselves, which are the same girls,” Mrs. Obama said, repeating what he hears from his friends. Never the solution, he says, “Well, well, tell me, if you see anything -. Tell Me”

Struggle for normality

The First Lady said that when it comes to girls, and President Obama really “fight for their normality” and that includes traveling with them, whenever possible, “out of this bubble.” It also seeks to make the girls home as normal as possible, although it is the White House. “The first is the establishment of standards among the staff who are not princesses,” he said. “They have to make their beds, have to clean their rooms, they have to – Sasha has begun to do the laundry, Malia is assumed that you are doing, but (Sasha) is actually in clothes My mom still makes it his own. clothes, “she said.

A very nice rooms for children also helps, he said, but ultimately, “is actually the interaction we have as a family that makes it feel like home.” Yes, it feels like a normal American family when you hear this. “You sit at the dinner table and have days of Barack really be the last thing anyone really cares,” he laughed. “So it’s kind of the piece in a throw-in. It’s like, ‘Oh, yes, Dad, and what did you do today?”

TV Time and the Kardashians

Like most mothers, Mrs. Obama regulates television and screen time. The first daughters are not allowed to watch TV or be on the team during the week, unless it relates to school work and can watch TV on weekends limited. Is there a sample out of bounds? “Barack really think that some of the Kardashians – when they see these things – you do not like it more,” said the First Lady “, but somehow I feel as if we were talking about it, and I ‘m more concerned about how to take it – what you learn when you saw that and if they are learning the right lessons, like, it was crazy, then I say, well “..

As to the habits of the first couple, she says: “Barack is the worst” when it comes to your BlackBerry, but says girls call him out on it and say, “Let’s have dinner, put that down. ” She is not on the computer much, she says, but tends to send emails early, very early, around 5 am ET, he did Kristina Schake, his communications director, a smile. At that time, the First Lady said, “I’m trying to let people know, you do not have to answer” at that time. “I’m getting everything.”

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