Obama Jobs Bus Tour

August 4, 2011 by USA Post 

Obama Jobs Bus TourObama Jobs Bus Tour, One day after the President signed a bill hotly debated raising the debt ceiling in the country, a spokesman for the White House confirmed that his message would soon take jobs in the road. On 15 August, President Obama launched a bus tour of central refocus attention on the growth of U.S. economy shaking.

The White House has not announced exactly what the President will visit cities yet, but the Republican presidential primaries are underway, it’s a safe bet that some key states will be in the mix.
“Put Americans back to work.”

That is the motto of plaster on the website of the White House today, marking Obama’s approach on the revitalization of the economy now that the debt crisis of the roof has gone.

“In the coming months I will also continue to fight for what Americans care more,” Obama said on Tuesday Rose Garden “, new jobs, higher wages and faster economic growth.”

But the fight that could, in the President alone will not be able to stimulate the creation of new jobs, some economists say, and it is wrong to expect or suggest that you can.

“The government can not create jobs in a kind of micro sense,” said Chris Edwards, Cato Institute economist. “Both sides mislead the public with this constant rhetoric about spending several incentives and tax breaks to create jobs.

“The proof is in the pudding: If the government had the power to create jobs, why would we be in the dilemma we have now?” Edwards asked, citing the nation’s 9.2 percent rate of unemployment and stagnant job growth despite the implementation of various economic stimulus plans.

Still, Obama believes that Congress has the tools available to help boost recruitment of employers and plans to spend the next month to lobby for the legislative agenda stalled while lawmakers are out of town.

Government officials say that extending the payroll tax cuts for businesses, and unemployment insurance benefits for long-term unemployed, to put more money into the pockets of consumers to spend and, in turn, the hiring trigger. They also believe that a reform of U.S. patent encourages entrepreneurs and new businesses, and they say, a set of pending trade agreements to open new foreign markets abroad.

“If extended unemployment insurance and holiday tax payroll, policies will create more than one million jobs,” said John Irons, economist with the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal. “I think we have a pretty good menu of items that could help create jobs over the next year or more, it’s just a matter of political will to carry them out.”

The president is expected to take your case on the road for a bus tour of three days in the Midwest later this month. Lawmakers do not return to Washington until September.

Even if the measures are enacted, however, there is considerable debate about what, if any, impact would be immediate.

The agreement on the debt ceiling raised a cloud of uncertainty, business leaders say, but that has been imposed on another, with a bipartisan congressional panel set to consider reforming the tax code and entitlement programs in an effort to find and 1.5 billion in deficit reduction later this fall.

“If you’re GE and Intel Corp. or you are thinking of building a new plant here or in Mexico, Canada or China, you’re not looking short term, gifts or incentives,” he said. “You’re looking at what the tax rate will be for the next decade or so as the profits from that roll of the new factory inches and now many companies simply do not know.”

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