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September 4, 2010 by staff 

Notre Dame Football Schedule, Given the interminable offseason usually feel, it seems that the fall of 2010 has come down to us relatively quickly. Maybe it’s because there has been something that happens almost every time the pills have been saved – hiring Brian Kelly, Carroll left, Leach get shot, signing day, the conference realignment, the sanctions against USC, all sorts of fun in Ann Arbor and Chapel Hill – but here we are, on the eve of Brian Kelly was at Notre Dame.

Things are certainly different than they were in the wake of fire Weis and another regular season 6-6. Kelly has hit a frenzy of optimism, if you have been with media figures or Irish fans (who are actually stabilizing themselves for potential anxiety quite well). He said all the right things, what he has done everything right and he has the 2011 recruiting class looks like an effort of the top ten at worst. That’s all I said we would – nauseating prepared at all times, quick on his feet, devoted to the basics, nice pitcher who understands politics and work a crowd – and now is only the question of him following a trend that has made throughout his career: winning football games.

At his side, has been athletic director Jack Swarbrick, who was mocked and vilified in some circles in the days prior to the hiring of Kelly, and then through the months of conference realignment rumor. The way some talked about Swarbrick who would have guessed that Ron Zook was hired as head coach and accepted a U.S. invitation to the Conference. Instead, he (relatively) quickly and cleanly got the best coach available and reaffirmed the independence of Ireland. Not only is Notre Dame still independent, but BYU has joined them, receiving a supposedly lucrative deal with ESPN and a series of six games with the Irish to boot. As I wrote last month, the narrative has changed so that being independent is no longer a handicap but a position of strength.

Notre Dame has the potential to regain greatness. The way Mike Ragone situation was handled makes me think of dogs have been muzzled ResLife. There is a winner in the coaching sidelines. There is an abundance of first-rate talent in the locker room. There is a program that contains a lot of games that can be gained and a bright future of carp fighting until the end of this decade. Our main rival is trapped in the reduction of scholarships and bowl ban, while our rival in the north is potentially facing third straight losing season. I have tremendous faith that coach Brian Kelly is right for the future of Notre Dame, but as of today, how much you can win in 2010?

Now …

I think I’m in the minority, but health Dayne Crist is one of the two or three major concerns are going into this season. I realize that no one behind him with a touch of experience, but considering how the system worked in Cincinnati Kelly – connect a quarterback, the quarterback see success until you connect a different QB – I see no reason to think why trend will continue. Would it be much easier to win with Crist, a five star striker says all the right things, it looks the part and has actually played in a college game before? No doubt, but if you believe that Kelly can bring success in other parts of Notre Dame, then you must believe that he can work his magic quarterback.

Of course I will not get the slightest Crist hit this season, as it has the potential to put the numbers on the absurd system of Kelly. I think his receiving corps is one of the factors identified in this team, as Michael Floyd and Kyle Rudolph run a very, very deep threats. If Floyd can stay on the field for the entire twelve matches, while TJ Theo Riddick and Jones show that he won the starting points, the defense will have a nightmare of a time matching up. Things are a little risky after Rudolph, just because Ragone is dealing with an inner ear infection and is an injury and Tyler Eifert is young, but generally you have to become your receiving corps when veterinarians and Duval Kamara and John Goodman are sitting on the second string ready to rise.

The broker also looks solid, with some old warhorses speed mixed with some exciting young. I do not think there’s a player I’m most excited to see play this season Wood Close, who dazzled in the spring and brings good luck to drive game-breaking speed of Notre Dame has not been back for most part of a decade. You know what you’re getting with Armando Allen and Robert Hughes, although there is a theory that Longo Beach visits will result in fewer tackles bringing down his arm. That remains to be seen, but when the fourth-string running back four-star sophomore Jonas Gray, you know there’s some depth and talent in the backfield behind Crist.

Who is going to block for all these fine gentlemen? An interesting mix of returning starters and new talent, led inside Chris Stewart and Trevor Robinson, surrounding new starting center Braxston Cave. There is a lack of experience, both tackles, but I’m not particularly concerned about the sealing of the ends in pass protection for two reasons. The first is that the media, is moving so quickly that the quarterback does not really hold the ball for that long in most games (Cincinnati was a shadow on a sack per game last year, well to 17 in the nation). The second is that Notre Dame has not been large compared to play at a time and the offense is still prolific, so the bar is not set particularly high. Sam Young and Paul Duncan had mountains of men, but there’s a reason Jimmy Clausen spent most of his three years on campus running for his life or limping. If the improvement in training is what we expect of depth and is as good as Kelly says it is (I’m particularly excited about Chris Watt to slide in the units here and there), the offensive line should not be a major concern .

In general, the offense should be fine. There would be no wonder if Jimmy Clausen and / or Golden Tate was back, but when your shoes are being occupied by two men who could be a first round NFL draft picks some days, it is difficult to be too upset. You may be coping with the situation becomes a four-man rotation of Crist eat grass, but I have faith in the system work.

On defense, there are more question marks, caused mainly by the fact that Jon Tenuta was so horrendous in their work can not say whether the individual players are bad in football or simply were betrayed by a system of brain death, no one can have success. I probably should have been a sign of things went to hell when he continued to call delay, looping blitzes that had zero chance of success, but given the opportunity of crime Ninety percent to one big play, but kept up hope just because he seemed so fun and exciting and Georgia Tech. If the list of the biggest disappointments of recent years, I have to start with Jon Tenuta’s tenure at Notre Dame and Spider-Man 3 and go from there.

Let’s start with the linebackers, just because they are the area of least concern. Manti Te’o and Darius Fleming are the two guys who all expected to benefit most from a coordinator with a pulse, and rightly so, since both are freak athletes that can track who has the ball and maim them. The linebackers another set to rotate through are a mix of young Calabrese (Carlo, Prince Shembe, Danny ponder) and age (Kerry Neal and Brian Smith, two players who have been pushing through and making plays from his first year when Smith choose a sixed Matt Ryan pass). Steve Filer, Anthony McDonald and Dave Posluszny should also see the field in the set 3-4. If things somehow ends up going wrong with the linebackers, then we can safely assume the defense of 2010 will not work.

The starters along the defensive line are great, and you have two guys who were big-time recruits and another who was a freshman All-American. Problems arise if something happens to hypothetically Ethan Johnson, Kapron Lewis-Moore and Ian Williams. There are a few bodies behind them, but they are all totally inexperienced and some of them (Louis Nix, Kona Schwenke) will play his first collegiate season. There will be an injury along the line at some point this season, and the manner in which the reservation is completed in one of the greatest enigmas of the Notre Dame season goes on.

Secondary is an interesting beast. I do not think any unit Tenuta was interrupted for more than last year’s defensive backs, led by Smith Harrison poor. He never seemed to be in the position, so that the coaching staff responded simply moving to a new ground in the field on the fly. A guy with talent, obviously, that showed great promise, Smith was lying. A year Smith rebound is critical, since the other three guys rotating through the position of safety (Zeke Motta, Dan McCarthy and Jamoris Slaughter) have very little experience in the game. Kyle McCarthy was the playmaker, and central to the defense last year, and without it, someone will need to become ballhawk covering up the mistakes of the other ten guys on the field.

Things are a little fuzzy on the corner, as it has three types that Irish fans have alternated impressive and disturbing throughout his career, but again, how is that Darrin Walls, Gary Gray and Robert Blanton and how is on the coaching staff? If they say you are only ten meters from the line of scrimmage, which would make the button that covers the hooks rather difficult. All have shown big play potential, but the consistency is the name of the game in 2010. The new fourth defense, almost by default, The Wood, a freshman from Florida who has earned praise throughout fall camp and is highly regarded. Notre Dame will face several teams that throw everything out and this season (from Purdue), development, in a hurry by Wood and solid contributions from their fellow students in the second cycle will be necessary. If a series of injuries beginning demolition corners, grab your favorite bottle of spirits and begin crossing yourself.

Things have been rather quiet on special teams, as Nick Tausch (place kicks), Ben Turk (punting) and David Rüffer (kickoffs) all seem very comfortable in their roles. Riddick and Wood will take more touches as we handle returns kick while Allen is responsible for punt returns. It is strange and uncomfortable not having to worry about kicking field goal, but is relieved Tausch 14 for 17 last season a big concern.

So where does that leave us? Could have a prolific offense and some question marks on defense feels strangely similar, but the men who ran things give me hope that many of the problems that plagued the Irish in the last five years will be solved. Rigging involve ending. Coverage needs to be aware of where the ball. The team will not be surprised by a blow to the mouth, but the trickle of blood wipe away the smile, and a forehand cross back in opposition. The inability to finish both games and seasons (poor fourth quarter and the game in November were staples Weis the past two years) will be cleared by Rivera-like closer, and all the pain that followed this program since the Fiesta Bowl ‘ 89 will be washed away.

That’s the positive spin, at least. I think this season has the potential to be something special, not unlike Ara freshman in 1964, a comparison that has been increasing as of late. (If we lose to USC in the same way that the team did 64, have to close this site down.) I think there’s too much inexperience mixed with a new system that will allow something similar to an undefeated season, but I think there will be an improvement final. Irish fans are expected to be after a team that responds well to the challenges of the hardware to your schedule and steps in your neck of the weaker enemies early, but with all new parts in place, there will be errors and losses.

Perhaps the worst part of this season (and the Purdue game in particular) is that both Charlie Weis and Tyrone Willingham started so well. Willingham did not lose a game for the first two months of 2002, while Weis guided the team to two straight BCS bowls at the beginning of his career. That’s why a decision on Brian Kelly after one season as the season is a great victory or the disappointment would be not wise. Gains and losses are important, obviously, but I see a team that is better in November than in September and was better in 2011 than in 2010. Kelly is on a long term fix for a program that needs it, and get caught up in the individual results in its inaugural season will do nothing but drive fans crazy.

Kelly And if it happens to fall 55 in Michigan and shame Kiffykins in his country house on his way to show consistent improvement all Notre Dame fans are pining for? Well, you can only call that a bonus earned for some fans who have been through a lot the last two decades.

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