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No Strings Attached Reviews, The first San Francisco screening of “No Strings Attached” was at 12:03 this morning at the AMC Van Ness 14 Theater. Yet, while the taboo subject of the film has attracted criticism from traditionalists such as that relationship Focus on the Family, San Francisco, the concept of no-strings-attached (NSA) relationship is perhaps more familiar, since the first dating site catering relations NSA was founded there in 2006.

“NSA sounds a bit cold and impersonal to some, but the truth is, it need not be this way. Unfortunately, without focusing on the relationship always be mutually beneficial NSA relationship can often end account much more painful than a “have not worked,” said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of San Francisco startup.

Relations are defined by NSA SeekingArrangement as “mutually beneficial relationship,” in which “all parties receive the benefits they expect from their intimate partner, no commitment beyond the relationship is honest and fun,” said Wade.

“Strings” has received generally positive reviews from critics in San Francisco so far, with Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle says “Strings” proves that the coarseness “rude and frank became part of the screen comedy these recent years is reflected. Romantic comedy “While everyone, LaSalle welcomed” Strings “to” show how people think and speak and behave in the whole topic of love that can not be -. A good thing ”

NSA is a common component of Dad’s most modern sugar / sugar baby relationship, according to a report by ABC 20/20. With the idea of non-intamacy comtale increasingly popular, it can also be noted that the trend may indicate that people seek a lower level of intamacy.

According to the 2010 Durex sexual wellbeing global survey, 82% of respondents who reported being sexually satisfied said they feel respected by their partner during sex. “Mutual respect plays a vital role in a satisfying sex life,” the survey reports.

Wade said that the study is further evidence that while dating trends may lead to wedding rings less and more words such as “NOS”, people are the mutual respect and appreciation thirsty as ever, and in fact, are now required.

(CP) – “No Strings Attached” begins with an intriguing premise: A guy and a girl agree to have sex when they want, whenever they want, without all those pesky emotions get in the way. It seems that children these days, with the rock ‘n’ their rock and their video games, see yourself as being “friends with benefits.”

What’s intriguing is that the girl in the equation, a young doctor played by Natalie Portman, who is proposing this arrangement, and the guy, aspiring television writer played by Ashton Kutcher, is one who violates rules and falls in love. This is a reversal of traditional gender roles, and an indication that we might be in something fresh, bold and different.

Except we’re not.

This romantic comedy from Ivan Reitman – the first film he directed from less-than-super “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” from 2006 – all fall into the usual traps. Of course, there must be obstacles in this kind of movie. Something to keep the characters apart before they can enjoy their final reconciliation.

But the fear of commitment scourges Portman character is enough of an artifice, without any additional problems you piled on. Let the tension grow naturally insecure relatable, well-developed figures would have been preferable, but again Kutcher character is quite soft and sticky, the movie is too.

For a while, however, the relationship that the modern writer Elizabeth Meriwether defines for us has a snappy, vibrant energy and a call sequence unexpectedly torrid.

Portman and Emma Adam Kutcher first connected to the difficult adolescence at summer camp and then ran in all 10 other again years later, during a celebration of brotherhood, and then again several years later in Los Angeles in adulthood that are attractive to both up-and-coming in their careers. Emma works 80 hours per week as a doctor in residence, then comes home to wisecracking roommate played by Greta Gerwig, Mindy Kaling and Guy Branum, among the many players expressed support. Adam works as an assistant on a spirited, the series “Glee”-type who grew up around television as the son of a legendary actor, played by Kevin Kline pompously. (Lake Bell died in a motor, producing very nervous on the show, which is secretly in love with Adam, but too many social moron to act on his feelings.)

But Kline, who played like a regular guy who claims to be the President of the United States in one of the most intelligent films and win Reitman’s, 1993 “Dave” is not much to work here. And it is one of the biggest falls of the film. His character is a clich√© – an aging womanizer clinging to his youth – and pop culture references involving his interest in Burning Man and Lil ‘Wayne uncomfortable and forced.

Adam’s father also steals away his last girlfriend, who is first that Adam sends in a swirl of drunkenness and pushes him to say yes to plan Emma hassle. Text messaging can facilitate their appointment as friends point of Adam “Where Ru?” Is more than a simple question seeks to determine the location of a person?

Portman is intelligent and confident here as she calls all the shots, and while Kutcher is in his usual fashion nice little dog – and seems to have been challenged in any of this material – the two formed a duo quite nice. Nothing spectacular, but acceptable.

The ads for “No Strings Attached” we ask whether friends can have sex and remain just friends. The answer is never really in doubt, but “No Strings Attached” forces to slog through all the misunderstandings usual, missed opportunities and potential mates after school before getting there.

“No Strings Attached,” a Paramount Pictures release, is rated R for sexual content, language and some drug material. Length: 102 minutes. Two out of four.


Motion Picture Association of America rating definitions:

G – General audiences. All ages admitted.

PG – Parental guidance suggested. Some scenes may be unsuitable for children.

PG-13 – Special parental guidance strongly suggested for children fewer than 13. Some material may be inappropriate for young children.

R – Restricted. Under 17 accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

NC-17 – Not fewer than 17 admitted.

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