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NIT BRACKETS 2011, The 2011 NIT Tournament bracket was announced the establishment of teams to play basketball male National Invitation Tournament at. Beginning in 2011 NIT Tournament brackets with several games planned for opening day on March 15.

NIT championship game tournament ends on March in a live event at Madison Square Garden in New York to 19 hours.

The complete schedule is available on NIT bracketology

Alabama vs. Coastal Carolina held at 7:00 p.m. on March 15 one of the games first NIT selection show. The schedule is set for the first round March 15 & 16, second round of March 18-21, the quarterfinals will be held on 22-23 March with the semifinals on March 29.

I made sure to wear orange and maroon yesterday. Lot of it. I cradled my T 2004 Orange, the most near and dear to my heart, covered by a hood with a large brown Nike “VT” logo on the chest, and had my bracelet on one team for good measure. I’d be on the train most of the day and I wanted everyone and anyone who passed by to know how proud I was to be a Hokie, I am proud of our team to overcome more than their fair share of the adversity and finally break the stigma of the NIT and NCAA Tournament. We knew we were going to dance; the prompt was a mere formality. We are all the elementary schooler not only the party list of cool guy, and man, he had a bouncy castle too.

Snubbed, screwed, no, it’s more like a dupe. We thought the “bracketologists” as Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm that we would be invited, after all, they just do not touch anyone bracketology degrees is like a graduate program for 6 years. We thought that a wonderful victory for Duke senior cover the stench of being swept by UVA. We expected tough outside the conference, but did not win big. We thought won by a fingertip.

Ultimately we have enough, but not enough. We have earned a spot on the bubble, nothing more, nothing less. We left us open to the subjectivity of a committee of individuals with their own non-transparent criteria to guide the selection process as a whole. Second, our bubble burst, and it would be nothing more than speculation to say why. If something without knowing why we left out hurts the most, throw the dog a bone right? This is not fair, but that’s life. Our elders devastate me. With everything they have, they have never danced and I’m sure it’s something that will stay with them until the end. But I will not denigrate other bubble teams that got in, “fist around your own porch first,” my mother always tell me. Do not blow a lead of 16 points at UNC; hit shots francs to close games and everyone playing as Duke on Saturday night.

However, as is becoming customary in the hours after brackets are announced, Seth has been critical of the commission and their selections bubble.

“Just disappointed. You almost wonder if anyone in this room has its own agenda and that agenda does not include Virginia Tech. Just pure and simple. I totally she asks me, if anyone in this room has an agenda. The explanation was so inconsistent with the result that it was almost bewildering. I guess they even brought our non-conference schedule. Kansas State, Purdue, the Oklahoma State, UNLV, Penn State, St. Bonaventure, which had to be large and the State of Mississippi was expected to win the SEC. I would say a fairly large list and a challenge. So they must not have looked very closely. But I guess they did. I feel for these children. Does not detract from what we’ve accomplished this year … but it is extremely discouraging. You hate the idea that politics was involved, but it makes you wonder. ”

“What I know is if there never was a team that won nine games of the ACC and played non-conference schedule we played and beat a No. Seed and has yet to enter I love to see research on the No. 1 and No. 2 is that there are teams in the tournament, if you look at their non-conference schedule, beat anyone. Nobody. They have not beaten a State of Oklahoma. They did not beat Penn State. They did not beat a Mississippi State. We chose to go on the Road State of Kansas. Or (some teams that got in) have a quality win the conference. … And I mean having to play in our conference and go on the road and win in Maryland. . Again, it is simply you are wondering. But I’m not in the room (with the selection committee). Probably another reason they need to open this room, or at least give each school, ” These are our criteria. Is it going to be every year, and that is how we make choices. ” Because in the end, is not it. There is an element of the man himself. And so you wonder, in that the human element, if anyone in this room has an agenda. Again, it’s just a question. ”

I’m happy and everything about Seth has done for Virginia Tech basketball. It may be going too far to say his comments are classless, but respect Hokies, right? However, for me it’s not the words of a winner, someone who seeks to be a champion. Nowhere in there was he said, “We’ll get better,” there was no acceptance of fault, when it should be and it’s very disappointing for me. That’s what champions do, or I think.

I’m rooting for us to win the NIT and I’ll watch every game that we are not because it would fill the void or make up for missing the dance, he will not, but because is work still to be done. I want this team to give me a reason to believe they have actually been snubbed because trying to be objective and rational is not fun.

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