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January 10, 2011 by staff 

Nihilistic Definition, “Nihilist” is one of the many words used to describe Jared Loughner, the suspect in the shooting mass Saturday at Arizona that left six dead and more than a dozen others wounded, including member Gabrielle Giffords.

Like many media reports attempting to link the shooting with the right political personalities such as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin YouTube video showing his assignments he had little influence GOP Tea Party or rhetoric, but held a anarchy, distrust government nihilistic.

The Associated Press reported that three years ago, Loughner submitted a question to Giffords during a demonstration asking “What is the government if the words have no meaning?”

A post on his YouTube channel ends in a similar manner. A number of his posts to delve into the meaning of words, “mind control” brainwashing government, lucid or conscious dreaming, t*rror*sm, money and Pima Community College, the school he attended before being suspended over disruptive behavior.

“It was like…” What do you think of these people who work for the government and they can not describe what they do? “A friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, told AP on Sunday.” He did not like government officials, how they spoke. As they were just trying to conceal a conspiracy. ”

Tierney said Loughner friend Bryce had a tooth many years of cons Giffords, calling it “false”, according to a report by Mother Jones.

Loughner could face the death penalty for the shooting, including six counts of murder; attempt to assassinate a member of Congress, and other charges.

“It was not like he was in a party or go to rallies. … It’s not like he would go on political rants, “Tierney said, adding that Loughner often talked about money and government oppression in the United States, Mother Jones reported.

When he was a college student, he was relatively normal, playing music and being involved in creative writing. By the time he hit junior year of high school, he began to adopt a more “nihilistic” approach to the world, Tierney said Mother Jones. He was also involved in the semantics, which can be seen in his YouTube postings.

Other friends and classmates said Loughner, lately, has become increasingly paranoid and isolated and a friend told me he was in a “rut nihilistic,” AP reported.

The AP report added that his friends said he drew heavily on conspiracy theories and thought that the U.S. government was behind 9 / 11 attacks. Among the books he listed on his YouTube page that are favorites of Karl Marx “The Communist Manifesto” and Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and “Animal Farm” and “Brave New World.”

“It seemed to me an emotional cripple or a child’s emotional,” a former classmate Coorough Don said in the report of the PA. “He lacked compassion, he did not understand and did not have the capacity to communicate.”

Pima Community College Professor Ben McGahee, his former math teacher, said Loughner classroom behavior was problematic.

“There was an explosion when it comes to shout:” How can you deny the math? “McGahee told ABC News, adding that several students have expressed concerns about it.

McGahee has asked the school to remove Loughner its class due to crises and to bad grades.

Photos published by the New York Daily News after the show shooting Loughner had a “sanctuary” in his garden with a replica human skull placed on top of rotten oranges.


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