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October 5, 2011 by staff 

Nfl Power RankingsNfl Power Rankings, This is an updated version of the NFL Power Rankings as we prepare for Week 5. I will update every Tuesday throughout the season. Previous rankings in parentheses: 32. (30) Minnesota Vikings: I’ve always been a big supporter of Donovan McNabb. I think he has been unfairly criticized in recent years and I liked the way he always has managed to divert it was the grace and humility. But he has done. So the Vikings are 0-4. If they beat the Cardinals this week, however, a new team will adorn our end point in the Power Rankings. Guess Who?

31. (29) Indianapolis Colts: There is hope ahead of the Colts winning. Leaders arrive this week and then the Bengals. I do not lose any games, but man, did not see the Colts that bad, even without Peyton Manning.

30. (28) St. Louis Rams: I talked to one odds maker in Las Vegas for baseball history and in fact told me that the 0-4 Rams still your choice to win the NFC West. I asked if he was joking. He said likely those responsible never joke. I’m still laughing, though.

29. (27) Miami Dolphins: 0-4 is still my favorite team, but I lost all hope for the Dolphins. It’s time to make major changes in time. And oh, look, it’s the perfect time. It’s the bye week. Cue the funeral music.

28. (26) Denver Broncos: Fall two points this week and I’m sure my two favorite Broncos fans out there will not be so terribly annoying. They may feel bad after watching Denver this week to get beaten by the Chargers, though.

27. (32) Kansas City Chiefs: Another resident of the basement out of last place. The Chiefs finally collected his first victory by defeating the Vikings. You can make it two in a row, because until the next time they receive the Colts without a win. My God, it pains me to write even that.

26. (25) Seattle Seahawks: Seattle really caught my attention almost defeat the Falcons. They lost by two points, but Tarvaris Jackson is looking pretty good. He spent more than 300 yards and threw three touchdown passes. Too bad you have to face the Giants on the road this week. They will get torched.

25. (24) Jacksonville Jaguars: You have to have patience with rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Why the property shown as much patience with coach Jack Del Rio, however, is a different story. Lose this week at home against the Bengals just as bad. I think.

24. (31) Cincinnati Bengals: Remember last week when he said he could smell the victory for Cincinnati to come the bills? Well, I can smell another one coming this week against the Jaguars. But let us not fool. The Bengals are still a bad team. That just happened to be 2-2.

23. (23) Arizona Cardinals: Trust me, I would fall further than this, if they really thought they were worse than any of the teams that have ranked behind them. The Cardinals have been a big disappointment so far, largely because they can not finish games. That better be able to defeat the Vikings this week or it will fall much in Power Rankings next week.

22. (21) Carolina Panthers: They are 3.1 but must be happy that Cam Newton has shown most of their skeptics wrong, after four weeks. Personally, I hope he gets into a duel about the Saints Brees Drew this week. The ‘Saints secondary is good, but Newton must prove early and often.

21. (20) Cleveland Browns: The Browns must be satisfied after their first four games. They are 2-2 and are not too bad. But that means that only half as good. Enjoy the bye week, Cleveland.

20. (19) Oakland Raiders: You abused by the Patriots and I suspect more of the same will happen this week against the Texans. Accommodate this, however, see two of the game shiftier runners in Darren McFadden of Oakland and Houston Arian Foster.

19. (22) Chicago Bears: The Bears had no other offense, plus Matt Forte, but his 205 yards rushing were enough to beat Cam Newton and the Panthers. This week, however, bears have to play the Lions and they will need more to beat Detroit Forte on the road.

18. (15) Philadelphia Eagles: Another cost breakdown for the fourth quarter of the Eagles, this time with the 49ers. Ugh. The following are the surprising Buffalo Bills. The Eagles did not lose again, will you? Dream Team ear.

17. (18) Washington Redskins: I’m going to lose to the Rams in Week 4, but no, the Redskins proved me wrong again. Not this week – they do not play.

16. (17) San Francisco 49ers: I honestly never thought I’d have the 49ers placed above the Eagles, but here they are. Still do not think they are so good. But let’s talk after playing the Bucs, right?

15. (16) Atlanta Falcons: back to .500 after the issuance of the Seahawks, but this week they face the large Green Bay Packers. Atlanta does not need a win here to keep his dream alive for the playoffs, but it would help. This should be a great game.

14. (12) Dallas Cowboys: No one can hold off the Lions in the second half and paid the price. Now get a week off to think about it. Good for Tony Romo sore ribs, however.

13. (8) New York Jets: The Jets are suddenly struggling to find its identity. The arrogance is gone. If Rex Ryan will put his team back on track, you may need to try something on the wall. I think it will, too, because this week and the Jets have to play the Patriots. Do not miss this game.

12. (5) Pittsburgh Steelers: Well, well, well. The Steelers dropped seven points after the disaster of a loss to the Texans. Houston Pittsburgh almost gave the game but did not. The offensive line is a disaster, Big Ben has a sprained foot and James Harrison is a couple of weeks with a broken orbital bone. Oh!

11. (11) Buffalo Bills: I was so impressed with Buffalo’s first three wins I’m not going to be punished for losing to the Bengals, even though the Bengals are pretty bad. This week brings the Eagles in a game everyone wants to see.

10. (14) Tennessee Titans: Does anyone else see this coming? The Titans are 3-1 and face a reeling Steelers team this week in a game that suddenly think they can win. Bad news for Tennessee is the game is in Pittsburgh.

9. (13) Buccaneers: You can improve to 4-1 with a win this week against the 49ers. That can not be a problem. Along the way, however, this team finally get into trouble.

8. (10) New York Giants, Eli Manning did not get enough credit, but he showed why he won a Super Bowl again with a nice comeback against the Cardinals. What kind of get a pass this week, as they play the Seahawks visit. Relax, folks.

7. (9) Houston Texans: The Texans could have the best offensive line in the league. He helped plow the way for Arian Foster against the Steelers and the hamstring concern appears to be a thing of the past. The following are the Raiders and Houston should be buried at home.

6. (6) San Diego Chargers: These guys are just kind of sail under the radar to some extent, which is fine. I look forward to having that early in the season-usually they stumble and it has not happened yet. Could this week get to Denver? Maybe, but do not count on it.

5. (7) Detroit Lions: If you count the preseason, the Lions have won each of his last 12 games. Yes, they really are. And yes, Calvin Johnson is the best receiver in the NFL. They have won three games on the road already, including a big comeback in Dallas, and get to show on Monday night at home against the Bears. Go Lions!

4. (4) Baltimore Ravens: good victory over the Jets to claim the early control of the AFC North and now have a week off to enjoy it. You must love the defense of the Ravens.

3. (2) New Orleans Saints: Sorry, Saints fans, but earn more in Jacksonville was less than impressive. The following is Cam Newton and the Panthers and New Orleans, but should win, it could be closer than most of what you think.

2. (3) New England Patriots: I could not avoid. The’m going to No. 2 ahead of the saints, because, well, I still think they’re better than New Orleans but the Bills lost a couple of weeks I worry. The Patriots took the Raiders and the next will bring more confusion in a Jets team stumble at home.

1. (1) Green Bay Packers: Our team No. 1 is to gain time, waiting for the Super Bowl. Seriously, the Packers are by far the best team in the league and are simply destroy your opponents. They get a good test this week against the Falcons, but I still say that ending 7-0 before reaching the Chargers and Green Bay I’ll take that one, too.

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