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September 14, 2011 by staff 

Nfl Power RankingsNfl Power Rankings, This is an updated version of my NFL Power Rankings as we prepare for Week 2. I will update my power score every Tuesday throughout the season. Previous rankings in parentheses:
32. (25) Cleveland Browns: I never thought I would get a new computer that occupies the lower the score of my power, but hey, if you lose to the Bengals, here’s where you belong. PS: Try not to stay here forever, Cleveland. We want this year.

31. (32) Cincinnati Bengals: Look who came out of the basement! Bruce Gradkowski took over for an injured Andy Dalton to lead the Bengals to a week in a win over Cleveland. Now travel to Denver in a game none of us want to see.

30. (26) Denver Broncos: Let’s stop accumulating in Kyle Orton, especially all you fans of Tim Tebow. Orton gives Denver the best chance of winning, but not the typical type of franchise quarterback. A better defense is the key to the Broncos right the ship.

29. (21) Minnesota Vikings: Donovan McNabb looked lost against the Chargers. I was 7 years from 15 for just 39 yards. McNabb said he was ashamed, and could endure that kind of numbers in a single series. He better do it, because the Vikings could easily fall to 0-2 this week against Tampa Bay.

28. (27) Seattle Seahawks: This is not the same Seattle team that surprised the Saints in the playoffs last year. This is the team in Seattle who fall to 0-2 when it travels to Pittsburgh and the Steelers rolled.

27. (31) Washington Redskins: I never thought that Rex Grossman and the Redskins managed to beat the Giants, but they did, perhaps deserves to be ranked as the top seed against the Cardinals this week.

26. (30) Carolina Panthers: He had to be impressed with the performance of Cam Newton against the Cardinals. He showed great poise and ability in a loss of about. However, the Panthers also lost the heart of his defense at linebacker Jon Beason, who suffered a torn left Achilles tendon and is done during the year.

25. (28) Oakland Raiders: The Raiders beat the Broncos on the strength of the leg of Sebastian Janikowski. He kicked three field goals, including an NFL record of 63 yards. But remember, the Raiders fans, this is the same as lost a single chip shot last year against the Cardinals.

24. (29) Buffalo Bills: Sorry, but I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon of the bills “for the moment. Of course, his defeat of the Chiefs was impressive and a bit shocking, to be honest. We will defeat the Raiders this week and gain some momentum and maybe we’ll talk. But I’m climbing five places regardless.

23. (24) San Francisco 49ers: If you miss a return and punt return for a touchdown by Ted Ginn Jr. in the space of a minute in the fourth quarter, the 49ers could not have beaten the Seahawks. I do not see the Cowboys win this week, no matter what Ginn Jr. does.

22. (23) Miami Dolphins: Chad Henne answered all the criticism from fans with a passing game of 400 yards in a week one loss to the Patriots. There is some hope in Miami, after all, and not fully discount the Dolphins in the short term.

21. (20) Tennessee Titans Chris Johnson was a factor not in the Week of Tennessee a loss to the Jaguars, but he will have a workload much heavier this week against the Ravens. If the Titans do not fall behind early, they could stay in this game and maybe leave a surprise. But I would not bet the house on it.

20. (10) Indianapolis Colts: Everyone knew it would be difficult without Peyton Manning, but it was worse. Their 34-7 loss to the Texans was pure ugly. I’m not so sure it’s a lock to beat the Browns this week, so I dropped 10 big spots to No. 20.

19. (22) Jacksonville Jaguars: They played a pretty solid game in the first game to beat Tennessee, but do not think it will continue this week, when they have to play the Jets. Luke McCown may have to run for his life.

18. (19) St. Louis Rams: The Rams probably will be without running back Steven Jackson (four) for the game Monday night at the Giants. Sam Bradford (finger) is expected to start, but can not be 100 percent.

17. (17) Kansas City Chiefs: As much as their 41-7 loss to the Bills have to hurt, security chiefs also lost their prized young Eric Berry, a serious knee injury. Would not surprise me in the least if they lose this week in Detroit.

16. (14) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: His career best step allegedly did not register a sack of Matthew Stafford and running back Blount LeGarrette takes only five, because his head is not in the playbook, according to head coach. Not a good sign for Bucs.

15. (13) New York Giants: After a disappointing loss to the Redskins, the Giants were angry and ready for some retaliation Monday night when they host the Rams. They can not afford to lose receiver Hakeem Nicks (knee) so early.

14. (12) Dallas Cowboys: Say what you will about Tony Romo, but the Cowboys put a lot of points and yards against the Jets on the road, and not many teams that the Jets. Cowboys stay on the road this week when visiting San Francisco and can not afford a loss to a weaker team.

13. (18) Chicago Bears: I have to climb five places after Week 1 surprise at Atlanta. Something tells me, however, the bears will come back to reality after visiting New Orleans in Week 2.

12. (16) Detroit Lions: A good win on the road to Tampa Bay will not mean much if the Lions do not take care of business at home this week against the Chiefs. Matthew Stafford looked amazing and showed us why Detroit should be a team to move forward.

11. (15) Arizona Cardinals: Thanks to some unexpected losses elsewhere, the Cardinals up four points after their victory at Carolina. If the defensive backs to make the necessary adjustments, Arizona can open 3-0 with the Redskins and Seahawks next to the calendar.

10. (9) Atlanta Hawks: Did anyone other than Bears fans that Atlanta was going to be beaten, as he did in Week 1? Well, if it happened against the Bears, imagine how bad it can go this week against the Eagles. The Falcons could be under greater pressure in the NFL.

9. (5) Pittsburgh Steelers: Steelers’m down four points this week and not tell me you do not deserve it. Good thing you get to have some of their attacks in one week enough team the Seahawks in Week 2.

8. (6) New Orleans Saints: a tough loss to the Packers is no reason to bury the Saints. Their offense was outstanding and we’ll see how they respond against a Bears defense pretty well this week at home. New Orleans is not going to lose.

7. (11) Houston Texans: They crushed the Peyton Manning of the Colts in Week 1 to less immediately set the tone for the AFC South. The following is a trip to Miami, where the Dolphins held their own for as long as they could against the Patriots.

6. (8) San Diego Chargers: Again, this is the team I can really go far in the AFC. Do not be surprised if the Chargers went to New England and return with a win. I’ll hang my hat on the Chargers until I prove otherwise. You know, like after Sunday.

5. (7) Baltimore Ravens: I’m tempted to move the Ravens even higher after seeing the way they dismantled the Steelers. He stood in the shoes of Pittsburgh and continued attacking. The Ravens could not cease to be in a special season.

4. (4) New York Jets: If not for a crisis of Tony Romo in the fourth quarter Sunday night, the Jets probably would have lost. They will have to strengthen their defense, but should have no problem rolling over the Jaguars in Week 2.

3. (3) Philadelphia Eagles: All the moves came out to play in Week 1, but let’s see how the ‘Dream Team’ for some time when traveling to Atlanta to face a team that rarely loses at home.

2. (2) New England Patriots: There’s a reason the Patriots are ranked so high. All I had to do was watch them play Monday night against the Dolphins. Tom Brady was outstanding, with 517 yards passing and could be involved in a shootout next week against the Chargers.

1. (1) Green Bay Packers: They seemed to be in midseason form in Week 1, so one can only wonder how the Packers will respond this week when they travel to Carolina. Do not expect Cam Newton passed for 422 yards as he did against the Cardinals, however.

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