NFL Playoff Scenarios

December 13, 2010 by staff 

Nfl Playoff Scenarios, If the Packers win their remaining home games, they win the division and get a bye in the first round because of tiebreaker over Philly? If yes, are they headed for the Super Bowl?

If the Packers win four of their last five games and losing to New England, they have a decent chance of catching not only the NFC North title, but also earn a bye in the first round.

If the Packers beat the Bears in the final regular season and both teams are tied, the tiebreaker sequence would be: in the division record, record against common opponents, record against NFC teams, the strength of the victory, and strength of schedule. If the slide tiebreaker to force a victory – which is not out of question – the Packers held the edge.

The Packers would need the Eagles to lose one of their last four games and finish 11-5. Then the Packers will receive a green light tiebreaker over the Eagles to their season opening win at Philadelphia. So if the Packers take care of their own business, they should be in good playoff position. As for the Super Bowl, under your scenario, the Packers probably would have to beat the Falcons in the Georgia Dome in the NFC title game.

What do you think of the uniform of the Packers back?

I can not lie. I do not like them. I’ve never been a big fan of uniforms survival. It makes players look like they are dressed in Halloween costumes. What strikes me as another way for the NFL to make money by trying to sell jerseys unique looking?

My question is who would buy these ugly clothes? At least we only have to put up with these statements so hideous once every ten years.

The references in the game Packers-Falcons should not be allowed to locate a football match in a pee-wee. What is the punishment for horrible reffing?

NFL officials are ordered each week. The best of them go to work playoff games. Worst stay home during the playoffs and / or are not rehired.

Obviously they missed the fall of Tony Gonzalez on Sunday, but I can hardly blame them for that. On the corner of the original replay, it looked like a trap. Only a better angle on the other side showed Gonzalez dropped the ball on a game crucial fourth down.

Of all the things the Packers can blame for the loss, officials would be at or near the bottom of the list.

Which QB is more respected by his team, Jay Cutler or Aaron Rodgers? Long term of 10 years on the road, which has the best QB career?

Rodgers is more precise, makes fewer mistakes, is a better runner and is the undisputed leader of the Packers’ offense. I do not think that far in terms of who is the best quarterback in the short or long term.

I think the Packers will be a playoff team in class for years to come. Who do you think of their major competitors over the next five years in the NFC?

With Matt Ryan at the helm, the Falcons might be good for years to come. I could see the Packers-Falcons rivalry that the current level of Patriots-Colts. Assuming that Michael Vick stays in Philadelphia, Andy Reid led the Eagles will likely compete Packers and strong. A dark horse team may be the Buccaneers, who seem young and hungry.

Why is our play-calling so predictable? Sitting at home, most knowledgeable fans can predict the next time.

I disagree with your assumption that warned fans know what’s coming. Fans and media have the advantage of 20-20 hindsight, which is why I rarely get caught in the trap of criticizing the play-calling. If a play works, the play-call is big. If the game flops, it’s horrible play call. I do not buy it. There are moments where the game is called perfect, but because a player messed it did not work. Mike McCarthy, the Packers play-calling, film studies and trends and opponents early in the morning and late evening. He knows better than anyone what the best chance of working is. Does that mean him above criticism for his play calling? Of course not. But it is too easy to rip the game-calling when several other factors could be at work on any given game.

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