Nfl Picks Week 13

December 2, 2010 by staff 

Nfl Picks Week 13, The decision of the league on Andre Johnson justifies a review of what happened on the ground. Responding to the trash talk and rough play from Cortland Finnegan – the only NFL player, whose name sounds like an Irish hotel chain – Texans receiver tore Finnegan’s helmet and punched him repeatedly in the head and face.

Johnson’s punishment? The fine is exactly the same as Chad Ochocinco had to pay for tweeting too close to game time, it raises the question: what do you have to do to get suspended by the NFL? Have you been to assassinate a linebacker? Defile the corpse of a Hall of Fame? Failure to Tom Brady gently lower to the ground and kiss him tenderly on the forehead in his dismissal? Pick: Philadelphia.

Reid: Am I the only one who thinks Andre Johnson deserves a bonus, not a fine? That barking poodle Irish got what he deserved. I wish they had taken an extra two minutes to break them. Could have hit his Mull of Kintyre clean. I would just do it myself.

Reid: Miami at home is a difficult call. They are 1-4 this year but 4-1 in SoBe’s visit. As a seller of cornea door to door, this team does its best work on the road. (Rim Shot – Take my wife, please!) Cleveland, on the other hand, can not win on the road, river or bike path. Sure, the Browns are coming with a victory against Carolina, stirring, but keep in mind that Jake Delhomme is back playing quarterback. It’s like letting George W. Bush returned to the execution of American foreign policy. Even against the Panthers, Jake has managed to launch two choices (bringing his total lifetime too large for a polynomial expression using the alphabet of the Earth). Pick: Miami.

Feschuk: If ever there was a discharge Wikileaks style secret information about the National Football League, you can not find most of the e-mails within the organization involve the Browns coaching staff trying to think of a way Jake Delhomme to “accidentally” falls into an elevator shaft? Pick: Miami.

Good for Johnson. It is time someone had the courage to cry to God for the terrible season he had. Dude is the Randy Moss of deities – totally going through the motions. Come, God, we saw that you torment the Bills and Lions in the last eon. Something new. And what were you thinking when you let Satan get away to work his magic for evil that both Matt Millen and Joe Theismann call Thursday night games? Not cool, God. Not cool at all. Pick: Buffalo.

Reid: Because we were together on Sunday (as Tom and Katie), we were able to attend some of the Jags-Giants game. And we reached the same conclusion at the same time: The Jags are not bad at all. This is a conclusion of my brain resists like imagining Susan Boyle nkd* (although I do currently). But they beat the Colts, Houston and Dallas. They almost beat the Giants. They are not bad at all. Meanwhile, Rusty Smith was on the ground and doing his best Don Knotts impression. In desperation, Jeff Fisher has used a healer to work on Kerry Collins. Evil spirits and agility slow come out! Pick: Jacksonville.

Feschuk: Hey Reid, I wanted to say something when we came together: we start getting emails from people who claim they are doing a lot of money by taking your choice … and then reverse them. One guy, for example, just bought an HDTV with impressive new money that is reverse your choice. Well played, Mr. S. Feschuk Ottawa, Ontario! Pick: Jacksonville.

Feschuk: In the leadup to most seventh game set for the Decade, we have had over the past five weeks, Rex Ryan has been unusually say all the right things – things like “Belichick is a great coach” and “Brady is a great quarterback” and “OK, fine, I will not eat the whole pig publicly while he is still alive.” This kind of thing. And Brady responded in kind by saying he respects and admires Ryan. Man, the sexual tension between Ryan and Brady is so palpable that it reminds me of the second season of Moonlight or third tranche of production even more famous:

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