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NFL LOCKOUT NEWSNFL LOCKOUT NEWS, Blocking the NFL continues through the weekend, but as expected has advanced enough to create a certain level of optimism ahead of next week. My own “prediction” would be an announcement of an agreement in principle on Tuesday or Wednesday before the owners vote on Thursday. Of course, given the difficult labor negotiations may be, things could change on a dime.

Yesterday, Chris Mortensen to summarize how things are here by Monday and planned negotiations on Tuesday with Judge Arthur Boylan. There was exciting to some concessions on both sides. That certainly disappoint Mike Singletary is the removal of mulch two days during training camp. It seems that instead of the previous two practices a day, teams will be allowed to practice and then no contact helmetless and padless walkthrough practice the day. The players have been adamant about using these negotiations to improve the safety of the game and the culture of the low season, including the two-to-day and what sounds like a reduction of the OTA.

Some people have been asking about the information in the cap under the new collective agreement and Andrew Brandt ESPN is the top of the audience and will be 120 million as has been speculated. In addition, there appears to be an NBA-three million-style exception that teams may only use this year in the upper and 120 million dollars. I guess the players were open so that instead of any restrictions on free agency, including the right of first refusal idea. The minimum salary is based on 120 000 000, yet not total 123 million dollars.

The other interesting aspect of the final agreement stage credits include, notably mention a stadium in Los Angeles:

Under the proposed 10-year CBA, players receive a split of 48 to 46.5 percent of simplifying the entire revenue model, the sources said. The lowest percentage of 46.5 would be an increase in total revenue dollars that grow from the new television contracts, and allow the credits if three new stadiums are built, including one in Los Angeles, where the NFL has not had a team since the 1994 season.

I have to think (and hope) the eventual stage of the 49ers new part of the three mentioned by Mort. Pie asked about it and shown a similar response to tweet the 49ers in the mix. With the Vikings to build a new stadium, so it would be three stages of dollars in loans without considering the rest of the league.

Some of the “best” news if you want out of a possible agreement is likely to be a ten-year agreement to collective bargaining. No word on whether either side would be able to choose the offer at any time. Jobs have often chosen the language so do not be surprised if it is included again.

Having a long-term CBA on the table, along with hope for the development of a healthy long-term relationship between owners and players can jump very necessary for the NFL to start getting a little more creative in their operations. If you look at the big leagues, the working relationship between owners and players has grown from the most toxic in sports possibly the best. In developing these improved relationships, conversations current work focuses on things like expanding the playoffs against dividing income.

When you can focus on the strange new ideas more than the same ol ‘complaints of income, things are moving in the right direction. For the NFL, I think it would mean renewed discussions about things like season 18 games. What at first looked to be a matter of issue for these negotiations? Instead the owners abandoned their claims on the season 18 games fairly quickly. His desire not to push it now could open the door for debate on the issue during the next two years under the auspices of a much better relationship.

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