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May 21, 2011 by staff 

New Zealand May 21 2011New Zealand May 21 2011, When people were celebrating the end of the May 21 Judgement Day no, an earthquake of magnitude 4.9 occurred about 1.305 km away from New Zealand. ? Does it mean that Harold Camping 21 is the real doomsday earthquake of magnitude 4.9, at a depth of 523 km, recorded 1305 km NNE of Auckland, New Zealand in the south of the Fiji Islands on May 21, 2011 at 06:31: 52 PM local time, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). From the date of this earthquake of magnitude 4.9 occurred, are not completely 11 earthquake happened in the world, but all are under 6 earthquake magnitude.

In fact, there is shooting in New Zealand earthquake, though the whole world. Camping ‘end of the world’ Doomsday May 21 has almost been ruled out. According to Camping, May 21 is the date on which 200 million believers of God will be caught up in the air, and rolling an earthquake will occur. Five months later, on October 21, 2011, the world and unbelievers will be destroyed. Camping can be said that he made a mathematical error, as it did in 1994. However, many Christian leaders have warned that it is wrong.
Many of you responded to our interviews with family Radioa € ™ s blog Harold Camping, who is predicting the end of the world on May 21, 2011, and another point of view of Stephen H. Phelps, Acting Chief Minister of Riverside Church in New York City. (Links below.)

Here are some reactions to the story:

Let me make a prediction: Nothing will happen on May 21. But Harold Camping will have a big problem, as his followers. My prediction is they will say that avoided disaster with prayer and justice, and God has merely delayed it. This will allow for camping to keep in the air, and give fodder to do this again soon. Must be soon because he is pushing 90 years old.

I wonder why his “ministry” continues to accept donations online with only 4 days to go. Will the money be donated when Harold is wrong again? Maybe you have a touch of Alzheimer’s, he has never been here before … apparently he forgot his previous forecast of September 1994. I am very sad to see dumb people in the world for many who follow this man.

Pretty sure God said to come like a thief in the night to have a loss of a lot of time and money on their billboards and what not. The expression of this guys face is going to be invaluable in the morning on Sunday.

Honestly, after reading some of these comments, I find it repugnant to think that nobody could say billions of people is, only God himself knows when that day. I think it’s terrible and disgusting this man to tell people that May 21, 2011, is “the day” when the Bible clearly says no one knows except God. Maybe this guy really should pick up the Bible.

I cannot understand how people follow this guy. I guess when nothing happens his followers think that they were one of the elect. In 1994 a man committed suicide while still camping here. It makes me very angry when people think they are smarter than Jesus and know something you do not like when it’s back. As for thousands of years is just a figure of speech for Christians to understand that God is not in our timeline, but on their own.
Ny lady

What each one does not see is that Harold Camping just made you all think of May 21, 2011…. You have your Bible you read … talking about it…. your thinking about it … good or bad time in his mind, and if this man is good or bad that matters … Have you heard … YOU HEAR THE WORD OF GOD! And what some people do not believe that its not the speaker is to be believed, but your faith and belief in God considers being! God have mercy on us all!

Jesus can come on Saturday May 21 can come today as I am writing this review. He can come at any time. Harold Camping is a heretic. I cannot wait to hear what excuse he has to say on May 22. What a fool he and his sincere followers are. They are fulfilling the prophecy that “many are deceived in the last days.”

Live every day as if it were your last and improve quality of life! However, to predict what will happen in the world this weekend is nonsense.

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