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August 7, 2011 by Post Team 

New Spiderman Miles MoralesNew Spiderman Miles Morales, The comic world was in another mini-scandal this week, when Marvel announced a new Ultimate Spider-Man would be half black half Hispanic boy named Miles Morales.

Some readers (apparently the minority) in arms, saying that a move like this was too PC, that this character would not be the “real” Spider-Man, and my personal favorite, which was part of the agenda Obama administration to corrupt the country with blacks, hmosxls, immigrants and reading. Instead, many embraced the idea, encouraging Marvel being more inclusive of a racial point of view. Others described the movement of a lame gimmick.

For the record, I think the character Miles Morales is a positive step for conventional superhero comics. A lot of bloggers have already said, but there is nothing on the Spider-Man who does bind to a particular race.

That is true of most superheroes, really. However, the highlights are white dudes with pulled white chicken occasionally, because they were created during the decade of 30, 40 and 50. In their original incarnations, both in the Justice League and Avengers are made up entirely of white heroes.

But the world does not look that way. According to U.S. Census 2010 was the first year the number of babies born to minorities in the United States was greater than the number of babies born whites. The world is changing, and it is natural that our stories and popular culture they reflect. For my money, most people complain about Ultimate Spider-Man PC blasphemous or are too unsure about those changes.

But for me, all that is common knowledge. What really interests me about this whole situation is what some of the many pro-Morales is said about what having a black / Hispanic Spider-Man could do for young readers, black or Hispanic. We talked about how children would be able to look at a black Spider-Man and say, “Wow, she looks like me! I could be Spider-Man!” As a man who grew a white suburban kid, which is something I never thought?

All the great heroes in the case of Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, The Flash, even most of the Power Rangers, were white. For a child, whether conscious or subconscious level, which says that the heroes have to fit a certain mold: Black and muscular. That is obviously not the case at all, but as adults do not think about it. All we want is a great story. For males, a black / Hispanic Spider-Man says that there is no mold. He tells young readers that no matter what race you are, you can do great things. How cool is that? How can that be bad? Hold on, haters.

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