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July 13, 2011 by staff 

New Netflix Plans PricierNew Netflix Plans Pricier, For over a decade I have been a big fan of Netflix, but again when he took a few days to get a disk in the mail and no one takes more than a few independent stores Blockbuster video-just a block from my apartment New York.  But despite that my situation has changed, now I am a father living outside the city, I was still a big fan of Netflix, Blu-ray getting mailed to play in my basement home theater dedicated and streaming videos in other rooms of the house. Although I am paying a premium and 2 per month for Blu-ray, I would say that Netflix has been one of the best deals on our house.

But that’s all about to change thanks to the new pricing structure Netflix for me, an increase of 50 percent, but could be even more for those with a different plan. And this comes after the company raised rates last fall by a series of 7 percent to 17 percent, and at a time when the economy difficult if forcing many of us to find ways to reduce our budgets, not spend more. (See how expensive Netflix stands up to other options for details.)

Essentially what happens is that Netflix is?? The elimination of transmission as part of its unlimited DVD rental service, and instead is now charging separately for rental discs and video streaming. The new price will take effect immediately for new users, and activated on 01 September for existing Netflix customers like me.

This is how it will work for my family: I currently pay about 12 per month for a basic and a 9.99-in-a-time DVD plan, plus a premium and 2 Blu-ray releases films when available. Frankly I do not like having to pay more for Blu-ray version, especially since it is no longer a new format with the highest cost of production. But I’ve been willing to pay the premium for the best picture quality in home-theater, and without loss of the higher resolution audio formats (DTS-HD Master and Dolby TrueHD) is included on most Blu -ray. With this plan, I have unlimited free flow of any of the movies and television.

But under the new pricing structure, you will pay and 8 month (and 7.99), plus a monthly fee and 2 on Blu-ray to get the disks as well as another, and 8 months (and 7.99) for unlimited streaming. So my monthly fee and will go from 12 to 18, and an increase of 50 percent. The current and 10-month plan will now have to pay and 16 each month just to maintain its current level of service, an impressive increase of 60 percent. The only beneficiaries are basic subscribers who do not want DVD streaming, which will see their monthly subscription decline slightly.

Given the timing of the increase, it makes me think that either Netflix is?? Assuming its costs, both movie licenses and periodic dues of broadband cable companies are trying to impose on the traffic that travels over their networks, will increase significantly, or really want to drive out of business, which has considerable physical distribution costs.

Although I hate to see my subscription fees of marriage, my other objection is that Netflix is?? Raising prices without a clear improvement of their service. For example, while the transmission has become a common choice for my family, especially my 7-year-old son, only a very small percentage of titles in my queue are available for streaming. In addition, the company has signed “delayed window” refers to several major studios, including Fox, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros., where he agrees not to rent a movie for the first 28 days after it goes on sale. While the agreement Netflix lower rates of school and, presumably, at some point greater access to films that can be transmitted means that customers now have to wait almost a month to get many of the latest versions available in other places.

So while in silence observed before the price increases of Netflix in the past and silent acquiescence to the two-month-Blu-ray to pay, I realize the latter increasingly difficult to make, especially to give limited library of movies and Netflix streaming shows. I’m just asking to pay more for the same. As a result, for the first time in nearly a decade Netflix dropping everything is a real consideration of my family. At least, I’ll be looking at other options such as Blu-ray Redbox rentals, and other streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Plus (free with Amazon Prime). Since I have access to Vudu on multiple devices, and its HDX format offers better image quality I can get with Netflix.

So congratulations, Netflix, you have already accomplished what none of its competitors have so far been able to do: make me think of leaving for another service.

We would like your opinion on new pricing strategy of Netflix, and how you will react if you are already a subscriber. Let us know if there are other services that you think are worthy of consideration.

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