Neve Campbell: Much Time Has Passed

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Neve Campbell: Much Time Has Passed, The last time a “Scream” film debuted in theaters, actress Neve Campbell swore up and it was the last time they appear in the popular horror franchise. A decade later, is back to rule the fourth embodiment of self-referential horror comedy.

Campbell says he just needed time, a good script and a meeting with the “Scream” creators – director Wes Craven, screenwriter Kevin Williamson and co-star Courteney Cox and David Arquette.

“I did not think we had to go with it,” says Campbell of her arrest before resuming the role of Sidney Prescott slasher victim.

“But now that so much time has passed, I suddenly had friends and family say, ‘You know Neve, people are tweeting about it and people are on the Internet and blogs are – they’re excited about the prospect of this film and maybe you should reconsider. And I did. In a big thing for me was Kevin come to me and to launch the new concept and realize that I could keep it fresh and I could still do something fun and interesting. And it was very important to me Wes and Courtney and David to be on board if I did. ”

The story picks up years after the bloodbath of “Scream 3″, this time with Sydney back to her hometown of Woodsboro ominous, California, to promote self-help book, “Out of Darkness.”

Dewey (Arquette) has become the town sheriff and is married with chopped hard-Gale (Cox), whose career as a writer has now ruled that the killings have dried up.

Campbell says that seeing the new cast and crew really brought home the time it had happened.

“We’re all a bit bald and a little more round,” jokes 37-year-old of her fellow actors, taking into account that it is now years since the original “Scream” meta melded with the macabre.

The new cast members include Emma Roberts (“It’s kind of a funny story”) as Jill’s teenage cousin Sydney. Hayden Panettiere (“Heroes”), Marielle Jaffe (“Percy Jackson & the Olympians”) and Rory Culkin (“Lymelife”) play text messages Jill obsessed with high school friends.

Sydney brings back fresh memories of the killings masked reflected and mocked the arguments of famous horror films, and it’s not long before the chaos starts again.

Campbell says the young cast brings new excitement to the franchise, but admits to being surprised when he realized they were too young to have seen the first movie when it caused a sensation in 1996.

“It was five years old when the movie,” Campbell said, laughing.

“What is a bit shocking? Courteney Cox and me when we were reading through literally looked at each other at the end of it and said:” We could be their mothers! Young mothers, but that could be their mother, which is fun. I think three of them turned 21 during the movie. But (was) charming. And you know what, I was or 22 when I made the first…. It was nice to spend, in a way. ”

This time, cell phones, live webcams, text messages and applications loom large as a new masked murderer stalks Woodsboro. The media spin has been woven into the movie promotion with Twitter and Facebook among sites fueling appetite puzzles online.

Unofficial promotion has come through blogs and amateur enthusiasts, who made her mission to discover as much about the impending release as possible, says Campbell.

An unusual set of privacy measures was imposed during the shooting, he said.

“They had a team of people, even during the film, a team of people working just to keep it secret,” says the Guelph, Ontario. Natives. “Some of the information would have to go out and teach other clues to influence people in the real idea. It was intense so I had to do.”

“Each time you rewrite it had on hand (the records) and have them destroyed. And while the final script of the film had finished by hand in”

Campbell, who says he is next headed to India to work with director Roland Joffe and actor Josh Hartnett, says she never imagined the “Scream” franchise that would last so long or have such an impact on her career.

“When we did the first film that had Drew Barrymore, who had Courteney Cox and Wes Craven, but for the rest of us, most of us were up and newcomers,” he says.

“It was my second year (TV)” Party of Five “and had made (the movie) ‘The Craft’ and I had done some things in Canada, but it certainly was not a big name yet. Skeet Ulrich and Matt Lillard and Jamie Kennedy and Rose McGowan, there are a lot of us whose career took off after the movie. ”

“Scream 4″ opening Friday.

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