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October 27, 2010 by USA Post 

Nestor Kirchner, The 11.9 it is clear that multiple bombs were detonated in the World Trade Center complex. This can not refuse and is clearly documented in many forms of video and supported by many testimonies of eyewitnesses.

Micro nuclear weapons or suitcase nuclear weapons have existed since the 1950′s? s. There have been several tests with them by our government in the United States. show detailed plans of large buildings with them have even been drawn as a result.

A man by the name of Dr. Ed Ward has documented the use of micro-bombs in the attack on the World Trade Center complex that took place in September 2001.

One of the smoking guns in this case is that more than 5.3 million pounds of buildings became instant in 2 billion pounds of powder. massive steel beams also doubles as pretzels.

There were many events that took place in and around 9.11 that were out of place or unusual as a major hurricane on the coast of New York.

The surprising fact that most of the WTC buildings 1,2 and 7 is sprayed into a fine powder of 20 microns in size or less. This is a fairy-tale sign of a typical high-energy release of a nuclear explosion. There are no witnesses and personal testimonies that people were thrown through the air even a whole block of a warm wind as one of the towers began to collapse.

There were also several reports of “skin hanging” or “skin melted” around the WTC victims. This was a common occurrence in the bombing of Hiroshima that has been documented. Another sign of a nuclear explosion.

There were also important hot spots around the rubble of up to six months after 9 / 11 as seen in images taken from above and from space. This is commonly known as “China Syndrome,” where nuclear materials remain subject to the fission of a certain period of time generating high heat feathers.

In the most recently published videos of the controlled demolition of World Trade Center (through the Freedom of Information Act) had edited the sections of the video clips and audio. In most of the videos from the initial fall of the towers during the first second or so of free fall has been deleted explosive sounds.

A video shows the attic of building 7 being demolished in the ceiling just before the building is reduced.

But perhaps the most surprising revelation is the fact that vehicles incenerated looked a mile away from the towers. Some cars were still overturned. It seemed as if from a war zone. This could mean an explosion of micro nuclear bomb.

high-energy emissions have a different view. The evidence shows that levels of tritium were 55 times higher than the standard in the rubble of the World Trade Center. Tritium is a byproduct of a nuclear explosion.

Remember the morning after 9 / 11 had already removed 70 dump truck loads of waste from the crime scene.

The fact that many first responders have died, if not badly not sound like the bi-product of the collapse of a building, but rather a massive dose of radiation. Most reviewers have died of blood cancer, another sign of exposure to radiation.

Massive craters seen from aerial photographs that show huge gaps in the towers. There were reports of explosions in the subway under the World Trade Center before the collapse and smoke-filled tunnels as well.

The molten metal was observed around the rubble of the World Trade Center for weeks. There is also the fact that the debris field was considerably low for the size of the buildings that were destroyed, meaning that most of the debris from the explosion incenerated demonstration.

According to Richard Gage little square chips nano-thermite were found among the rubble of the World Trade Center, nano-thermite are likely to be used in combination with a micro nuclear weapons incenerate most of the debris prevent damage to other buildings in the area.

There is also the fact that the World Trade Center complex has been reported to have been sprayed with water every day after 9 / 11 for years.

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