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April 15, 2011 by staff 

NBA Playoffs, New Orleans Hornets vs Los Angeles Lakers – Forget it. Without David West, Chris Paul, even in a “no limits” the pill cannot win two games in this series. Lakers in, and Paul calls the students Motors the next day.

Did I dream that? In a gesture of reconciliation with the national groups of gay and lsbn rights, Nike Dunk Kobe carries the rainbow. Denver Nuggets vs Oklahoma City Thunder – The Thunder, the whole world is new cool kid in class, is about to get a wedgie in front of the entire park. Since the Nuggets traded Melo on February 21, was the third winningest team in the league (.720). Have double kick-Tar Heel owners who can lead, the score or feed six other scorers. Who’s going to watch the last shot? Nuggets in 7, which shows George Karl should have been coach of the year.

The NBA playoffs are usually pretty exciting, but in the first round usually do not offer much for people who love great upheaval. The gap between good teams and less often is quite large, and the best teams rarely get surprised. The No. Seeds have only been changed three times, for example. While rare disorders are too exciting – and potentially profitable – to ignore. Photo of the playoffs this year looks relatively simple with some great teams and some disappointing. As with most years I’m not expecting a lot of surprises in the first round of the NBA playoffs, but there are some that could happen. Here are three possible discomforts that could happen this year:

This is the least likely of the three disorders here, but is most likely in the East, and is not as crazy as it sounds. Miami is definitely more talented and explosive. There are some things that work in favor of Philadelphia, however.

First, Philadelphia is going to have overwhelming support in this case. No one outside of Miami wants to see the Heat doing anything this year, so the Sixers could be driven by the feeling that they are on a mission.

Then heat is ridiculously streaky. Two times this year have seen their full game fall apart after winning streaks. Lose confidence, become frustrated, are discussed, and are very vulnerable. If that starts to happen in this series will be helped by the pressure of these stars will inevitably feel to do and things could get really ugly.

Thirdly, I really like two matches that the Sixers can be released to the Heat. Andre Iguodala has the ability to thwart the King James, and if you can, then James could find a way to get your frustration will not be constructive. For example, if James tries to take the same game, then you are doing the work of Philadelphia for them, minimizing the other two big stars.

I also like the grief of Jrue Holiday of Dwyane Wade. Holiday is so long and intense defense that would defeat the Miami guard. Finally, I really hate deep in Miami. Philadelphia plays rough, and if you can beat the heat, then things could really get interesting.

Memphis over San Antonio – There are two things to consider here. First, I love this team of Memphis. Are far from perfect, but I love his toughness, and I love the way they are composed. Secondly, I do not trust this team of San Antonio lot. Maybe I should, but I do not think they are pretty tough to live up to their seeding in the playoffs.

The Spurs are clearly the better team overall, but Memphis is a live longshot. As proof, the Grizzlies beat the Spurs in the last two times the teams met this year, so you can get it done, and will not be intimidated.

The Grizzlies have matched well with the Spurs statistically. You can take a break as well and are a little better on the defensive, for example. Those are numbers all season, however, and Memphis has become a different team, and Shane Battier to pick at the deadline. Since then 14-7.

Battier has embedded in its intensity, he added defensively, and is raising his teammates. This equipment is potentially dangerous, and the health of San Antonio is always a question mark, so the surprise is not impossible.

New Orleans over the Lakers – Again, the higher seeded here is clearly the best. More than that, in this case – Gathering against a stone cold murderer playoffs Kobe trained by the best coach in the playoffs of all time seems pure folly. Given what has happened in the last couple of weeks, however, you cannot help but wonder what is possible.

The Lakers can not seem to leave their own way, who have lost a lot of teams that have nothing to lose and most disturbing of all what they are discussing and do not seem all on the same page. If LA can get their act together and then they will win this easily and even could do it in four games. There are some reasons for hope for New Orleans if the Lakers are showing c3acks, however.

First, Chris Paul is, well, Chris Paul. When a player as good smells blood is able to strengthen his game to do something about it. Trevor Ariza is going to be hungry to get a shot at the team that abandoned him despite solid play as well, and is able to do that. Whether playing against Artest or help with Kobe, Ariza has a chance to make some noise. Marco Belinelli is a player who is quietly getting better. It is a very good shooter who is not as streaky as shooters can be, and could be an important factor in this case.

The Lakers also might have some problems to deal with the bank. Andrew Bynum seems fine, but if not – or can not go on like this – then forcing them to start Lamar Odom, and it hurts the depth of evil. Steve Blake is out and Matt Barnes is hurting, so depth can be a problem.

When you look at the role of the Hornets do not have many possibilities. The big problem here, however, is that the Lakers seem to be clearly capable of defeating themselves because the way the season ended. That’s what makes this series much more interesting than it normally would be.

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