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January 1, 2012 by staff 

Natural Cure HangoverNatural Cure Hangover, After the clock strikes midnight and all the partying is over, many people will be ringing in the new year with a hangover.

But what do they grab to alleviate the symptoms? Some take Tylenol, others greasy hamburgers, and some even try herbal remedies. Many go for a coffee or sip a Bloody Mary, but what really works?

Experts say the unpleasant signs and symptoms after a long night of drinking too much alcohol, can be fixed with lots of water and fluids. After a night of drinking, the body is dehydrated, making people feel sluggish.

There is no way to cure a hangover, but there are ways to help dull the symptoms until the feelings pass. According to the Mayo Clinic, drinking lots of water can help with dehydration. They also suggest not drinking anymore alcohol. While many home remedies include a bit of “hair of the dog,” or drinking to reduce the hangover, experts say that doesn’t really help.

Taking coffee can actually dehydrate a person, despite the liquid intake, it can make a headache worse.

Eating bland foods, such as toast or crackers can boost blood sugar and settle a person’s stomach. Bouillon soup can help replace lost salt and potassium, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Experts also say food and drink that contain fructose, such as honey or fruit juice, may help the body burn the alcohol faster.

Sleep is key.

Taking pain relievers can be tricky, according to experts. While many people tend to lean toward grabbing Tylenol, experts say it can cause severe liver damage. Aspirin can irritate a person’s stomach.

There are always natural ways to mend a hangover until it passes. Greg McCrone, registered pharmacist and herbalist at the Herbal Path in Dover, said there are many herbs that can help ease symptoms, especially headaches.

McCrone created an herbal blend for a tea, which he said should help ease some signs of a hangover. The mix includes two parts white willow bark, two parts passion flower, two parts violet leaf, one part lavender and one part peppermint. Each, he said has it’s own qualities to to help with unpleasant hangover feelings.

The white willow bark works as a natural aspirin, which won’t upset the stomach like pills can. Passion flower is good for the brain and offers a gentle sedative to help release tension. Violet leaves act as an anti-inflammatory and has heart healthy properties, he said. Lavender adds its calming properties and peppermint helps ease an upset stomach.

“After a big night out, you want to have an anti-inflammatory,” he said, to help reduce pain.

None of this will “cure” a hangover, but will help ease the pain, just as other remedies do.

“You might recommend milk thistle,” he said. “It’s something that is very helpful for the liver if you are popping Tylenol. It helps remove toxins from the body.”

Some people have their own personal remedies. Responding to a web query, some stated they enjoy going to their favorite restaurant the next morning, some choosing fried potatoes, others opting for greasy food.

One even stated they swear by drinking a glass of chocolate milk.

Another said taking a multivitamin before bed with a large glass of water always helps her avoid an unpleasant morning.

Some still live by the old standby that a bit of “hair of the dog” can help cure anything. Drinking a mimosa or bloody mary may do the trick for some, but others state it’s not the case.

Although, McCrone did say that fructose, found in fruit juices can help the next morning to replenish the body. A vegetable ccktail with spices (much like a bloody mary without the alcohol), can help as well. The cayenne pepper acts as a pain reliever and helps blood flow.

@Mike_Greear said via Twitter, “I went for a run once and it totally cured my hangover. Other than that, I eat Mexican food and watch Audrey Hepburn movies.”

However, at the end of the day, there is only one way to prevent a hangover — don’t drink.

“Just don’t drink so much that you get a hangover,” said Donna Bogan via Facebook. “Moderation is much more enjoyable.”

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