National Coming Out Day

October 11, 2010 by USA Post 

National Coming Out Day, It was said that every dog has his day, but now it seems that all dogs, reptiles, diseases, birthday and drink has its day, too. We thought yesterday was the 10th day of 10th month in 2010 was a big deal, but everyone buzzing around October 11 as Columbus Day, National Coming Out Thanksgiving and Canada. The only thing that would make it better than historians have discovered that Christopher Columbus (statue right) was a Canadian gay, but because he “discovered” (in quotes because, uh, there were already people there) of the New World, it will not happen, we’ll settle for the next best thing: an overview of all the good these days make October 11, 2010.

Celebrate your Italian heritage with (out) a Fist pump!

If you’re Italian and you enjoy the occasional hand movement that involves raising a fist above your head and waving frantically, then today is the day of use. Human rights violations aside (more on that later), Italian Columbus has added another proof that the world was not flat and tipped the domino in a chain of events of what would become the leader free world: the United States of America. But if you’re not a fan of the Jersey shore and I think that Italian-Americans portrayed in a bad light, then maybe we propose a simple high-five? There will be many people celebrating around the country during the Columbus Day parades, and we’re sure they are as happy beneficiaries of a slap in the hand.

South Dakota Native American Happy Day!

In 2010, Nu Heightz Cinema released their second public service announcement campaign for Reconsidering Columbus Day. The integration code is a little dysfunctional, but you can read his message here. The group has petitioned the federal government to establish a national festival for indigenous people, something that the states of South Dakota (celebrated today) and California (celebrated in September) have already done. In February, the governor of South Dakota Mike Rounds has declared 2010 “Year of Unity”, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the reconciliation in the state, which aims to bring all races together. Today, Native American Day celebrations honor the 63,000 Aboriginal people living in South Dakota and turmoil they experienced once Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas.

Oh Canada! Please give today.

You will not catch a Canadian mother on a second helping of guilt (“such a nice surprise! I’ll see you…”) and potatoes today. While the Canadian version of the Thanksgiving is a holiday recognized at the national level, it is not as super-companies as it is among their neighbors to the south. Families gather to give thanks every second Monday in October, but it is not the end all be-all of the community. Instead, some Canadians fed 1200 people who lost their homes in a fire recently in downtown Toronto. There is a way of giving thanks, eh?

Coming Out of the Closet since 1987.

Last but not least is the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) National Coming Out Day. At Tonic, we have been sounding the alarm against the latest signs of violence against gays that led to suicide, and now another opportunity for you to defend tolerance. In 1987, about 500,000 people gathered in Washington for gay rights. Fast forward two decades later, and the invention of Facebook brought their message to millions of fans. Why is this important in 2010? Last year, 2.64 million Facebook newsfeed stories were created. This means that people took the time to write something about National Coming Out Day on their Facebook walls in 2009, and again a year later, we still have people who think it wrong to be gay. This year the Committee hopes to eliminate bullying, showing everyone that they are not alone. They push gay rights to the forefront of culture, rather than keeping it on the fringe.

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