National Bosses Day

October 17, 2011 by staff 

National Bosses DayNational Bosses Day, Like most Americans, I was preparing for one of the most festive holidays of the year: the National Day of boss.

Now that October 17 is there, perhaps some shopping for the gift that says “Thank you for making work a fun place to be!” Or “Thank you to rule over me like a dictator with a disorder mood and slowly bring me down to a soulless shadow of my grandfather, both well! “As appropriate.

For those of you who do not know, boss of the National Day began in 1958 when Patricia Haroski, a Secretary of State Farm Insurance in Deerfield, Illinois, recorded the day with a list of national calendar annual events called Chase . It took some time to catch on: Hallmark does not begin to offer a birthday card boss until 1979.

But since then, of course, it has become a treasured tradition in all offices of the earth.

OK, maybe not entirely true. But it exists and that allows me to address an issue many workers struggle with: How can I be nice to my boss without seeming like a straw man?

The employee-boss is inherently oppositional, largely because our society and popular culture have thrown this narrative into the steel. Even if you just like the boss, the reflexive tendency is to criticize him or her when you are around the co-workers.

Does not help things, a study was released recently discovered that one of every 25 patrons may be diagnosed as a psychopath. Presumably, the first thing everyone thought reading was, “Yeah, that’s my boss. I knew it!”

The problem with the boss still view as the enemy is that it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Evelyn Williams, professor and associate vice president of leadership development in schools of Wake Forest University of Business, noted that the pragmatic point of view, people should try to get along with people who sign their paychecks. And while you can not control the way your boss behaves, you can change the way you frame the relationship.

“If you have a positive mental orientation about someone, if you look like someone who might actually be an ally, not an enemy, your body language will be different, you will have the phrasing and style different communication, “said Williams.” I realize it can be difficult, and I do not want to be candid. I just think that no matter what you get as a boss is a dependency relationship. And you must understand how to get the most out of this relationship. ”

“Try to understand the preferences of your boss when it comes to decision making and how they like to get information,” said Williams. “These are things that are easy to do for you . You do not compromise your integrity by complying with certain work style to your boss’ preferences. Want to know how you can be productive with them and understand them better. ”

As always, the best way to accomplish this is to be direct. If you are collecting information for the boss, ask something like: “How can I share this with you? Do you want me to give you just a glimpse of big-picture or do you want me to give you all the details? ”

Look, I can feel the emails you’re going to send me, saying you’ve tried and it does not work, and your boss is a Communist and I am a communist and blah blah blah. But let me reiterate previous point Williams: You have an interest in forging such a good relationship with your boss as possible. So why not make sure you go the extra mile?

A final point of Williams, and I promise to us to back on track with the National Day of boss is that people in charge like to know when they do something right, as much as anyone.

And what better time to do something like this that .?.?. NATIONAL DAY OF PATRON!

Victoria Washington, coordinator of career services at Computer Systems Institute of Chicago, agrees that it is a fine line between recognizing the National Day and behave like a boss infamous suck-up. It suggests a group effort, perhaps by offering to take the boss out for lunch or coffee.

“Maybe even a little party with all staff and map out,” Washington said. “Even if you do not like your boss, it’s still a lot to show some appreciation. You still have a place to work. It could be much worse. ”

After all you skeptics out there have this information for practical use, I hope you will remember. Because I started the National Day of Work columnist consultants.

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