Nascar All Star Race

May 22, 2011 by staff 

Nascar All Star RaceNascar All Star Race, On the eve of All-Star Race NASCAR, a promoter of the event considered as a drop, drag, dude the board, swashbuckling, eye-popping, knee-knocking, white, knuckles for pride, glory and smackeroos a million, Dale Earnhardt Jr. made a suggestion: Spice it up! Even more! “Be a little more than a stick of dynamite that a whole long line of 180s,” he said. If NASCAR had only heard. Saturday night race was a long line of duds. Do not get carried away, but the race was so boring that Kyle Busch, the man everyone expected to be the TNT dynamite, “he apologized to reporters about the lack of drama. It was mostly a joke, but it was also correct. “From my point of view, it was a tame race today,” said Busch. Even the quotes about how boring the race were boring.

Carl Edwards smelled the show to be much faster than everyone else. The nerve! At least the celebration after the race promises to be exciting, that Edwards plans to paint the town red. Or not. “I’m very excited about going to Iowa tomorrow,” he said, where they will compete in the Nationwide Series event.

During the first three segments of the career of four segments, not much happened. And even if it did, nobody cared because the shooting was coming from 10 laps, which eventually agreed to make previous times irrelevant. For the record, Brad Keselowski brakes failed on the first segment, and somehow stayed in the race, suggesting that this really is, as proclaimed vendors, it’s a whole career. All it does it go, but not necessarily to go fast. Kurt Busch’s car was so bad, he said on his radio show that prefer taco car in the wall and then suggest changes to it. “Do what you want. I do not care. Never going to give back,” he said before abusing this piece of junk in the top 10 before finishing 13 Th. That says something about your ability to drive. Or anyone else.

The search for something worthy of mention on this night that they had brought him up one thing: Charlotte Motor Speedway had its first opportunity to show a video screen as large as the ego of a conductor. It is so huge that even made the race interesting. Not really, but dang, that thing is huge!

In the absence of any action on the track, gawking with my mouth open on the screen was enough to keep fans interested until the final segment of 10 laps, no matter how smoothly the first three sections were each vowed would be a shooting wide open with shock controllers and knocking each other and driving like crazy and destroy their grandmothers to win … not only what happened, because Edwards took the green flag to start the final stretch and pulled away from everyone, and his car was much stronger than the rest of the field that nobody ever caught him regardless of the time ( or short) that part of the race. It was with the rest of the field as the video screen is the screen of your smartphone.

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Sunday, May 22 Edwards car was so fast that after winning, was asked if your domain was proof that Dale Jr. was right and that changes must be made in the format of the Stars. “(Expletive) no”, he said, and smiled the smile of Edwards, which is large and with teeth and disarmament bookended by the dimples. “It’s perfect.”

Wait! Something interesting happened! Edwards broke his car as he slid across the grass while doing his victory burnout, the rough equivalent of pulling in a walk-off home run (at the end of a boring game.) It seemed that ran over something hard, but the staff insisted that track is not difficult, so apparently his splitter dug into the grass. Whatever he had to leave their car in a lot of smoke in the grass. As the reputation of the entire All-Star race.

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