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February 1, 2010 by USA Post 

Nasa BudgetNasa Budget,Nasa Budget 2010, Nasa Budget 2011 | have lost moon. But we received from the solar system, while the increase in commercial space projects? “President’s budget for space exploration and the Star over more capacity,” NASA’s budget in 2011 the office of Management and Budget fact sheet states invest in building blocks for change with a bold new approach. NASA’s $ 6 billion extra in the next five years, just under 18 billion dollars will be devoting the current budget. Budget for man in space yet do not provide a specific destination for the published information. So, while some believe that this trend is the right way, while others see it as a dead end. In 2020 as an expansion of the international space station, as well as less human is trapped, the Earth’s orbit for a decade at least.

In the Budget, and the Ares rocket is history, and although there was no decision has been taken on as a heavy car – it’s beyond low Earth orbit is necessary to free people – and thus a vehicle for NASA Searching for “was directed to explore the capacity will increase from the current system operating with low cost structures of the future – we can take forward and fast in space.”

But the proposed budget, which must be approved by Congress, will provide funding for NASA’s space vehicles of commercial companies to build and International Space Station astronaut boat. With the space shuttle program ends this year, NASA paid Russia $ 50 million for the seat has agreed. Commercial space for companies and less money available seats is likely, but still does not own cars or are rated human testing.

It is true that the program was over budget Star “, is behind schedule, and lack of new investment in key technologies is the lack of innovation.” But the proposed $ 9 billion budget and 2.5 billion Ares rockets and Orion capsules on the development team spent close out for the squad.

Obama’s supporters say that the budget proposal of the private sector towards commercial space will generate more employment per dollar, the government invested millions of dollars in debt through private sector investment will be.

In a statement, Brett Alexander, president of the Union of Commercial Space Transportation, “NASA’s investment in commercial space flight industry proposal for victory” that has been released last week. “Cabin crew jobs, especially in Florida thousands of United States in commercial high technology, must, while reducing gap space flights and prevented us from sending billions of dollars’ Russia.

NASA already has an agreement with SpaceX and orbital science corp’s station to goods, and. Astronauts to return to the classroom and SpaceX for one vehicle is developed.

In fact, some say that the budget fight. I “, for one, intend up and fight for NASA, and for thousands of people who lost their jobs,” Sen. Bill Nelson said last week, rumors were flying about and budget information was leaked .

With the United States in 2011 is facing a shortage of 1.26 trillion federal dollars, Obama’s proposal three years fixed at the non – defense spending for 2011, which President next 10 years will provide over 250 billion after says that the federal budget. Therefore, NASA $ 6 billion in the next five years to one way NASA is still sidelined.

Budget proposals include:

$ 183 million to expand her work at the international space station and before the last date of planned retirement in 2016. NASA’s scientific research in a new research facilities and technology practice tests published. May include construction of new centrifuges to support research in the field of human physiology, and the inflatable habitat in the area, and a program to develop the ability to continue space station.

$ 600 million last five shuttle missions to complete, safe and orderly retirement of the space shuttle program, even if time permitted for fiscal year 2011 slips.

$ 1.2 billion manufacturing technology for research, the exploration, NASA and private industry, education, technology includes a sparking-spin and completely in the new industries will likely be.

$ 150 million for a new satellite of Earth Sciences, to accelerate development priorities.

And $ 170 million to develop Carbon Observatory, which is the source and sink of carbon in the world is important to identify replacement fly around lost, failed when the launch vehicle in 2009.

Industry $ 500 million contract with the International Space Station astronaut to provide transportation and means of transport to reduce dependence on foreign companies only and for the crew, new critical and promote new jobs.
Increasing scientific understanding of the solar system and universe

$ 3.2 billion telescope and scientific research grants and dozens of missions such as planets and stars as the successor of the Hubble Space Telescope, including new mission – studying, and study the lunar surface missions and two missions to explore planets Tue.

$ 14 million (420 million dollars in five years) for a mission to the sun, and flies through the external environment and how better to understand how it charged particles known as solar hot air streams to for.

For the discovery of planet Earth asteroids that could become a threat to growth in wealth.

Annual NASA’s higher education students by NASA using the percentage of program participants has increased, and space contractors, universities and other educational institutions.

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