My view on the Jeff Hardy situation

December 3, 2009 by USA Post 

My view on the Jeff Hardy situation:You know sometimes it’s very hard to state your view and opinions on the message board because of everyone interference but I’m going to share with you my point of view on the subject.

I am a fan of Jeff Hardy that will never change but I do think that Jeff need’s help, despite what others may think. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying he’s guilty, I do believe in innocent until proven guilty over the charges that he being accused of but that does not mean that he has other issues.

He has the drugs for a reason, he is not holding on to them for the sake of holding on to them, I don’t believe the answer to Jeff problem is by sending him to jail or that, that is going to end his addiction and problem.

Everyone is different and everyone reacts differently. We all know he had issues with Drugs in the past and that isn’t just going to go away. Jeff need’s help, not just for himself but before he hurts anyone else in the process.

Selling Drugs and Using Drugs are 2 different things, Jeff may be innocent in all the charges he is been accused off but that does not mean he is not using. We are not with Jeff 24/7 and we can not make the assumption that he isn’t using when he was caught with drugs in possession..

So he may not be selling them, but then what is he doing with them?

He isn’t just holding them for the sake of holding them. He’s doing something with them and with that being said he need’s help.

This has nothing to do with rather or not you’re a fan of his or not a fan of his, it’s about a person who needs to get help.

I’m willing to stand behind Jeff regardless of what the outcome is going to be because he’s a human being and we all make mistakes and are not perfect but the important thing is that we learn from them.

I hope that Jeff realizes that he does have people behind him 100% and wish him well and hope he gets the help he needs because I would hate for him to hurt himself or others because it’s too late.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m glad to know that I can use this to clear up some misunderstanding that happens on the forum, when so many people get involved, it does get hectic at times. All I want is what is best for Jeff and hope that he finds it.

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