Muammar Gaddafi Buried

October 25, 2011 by staff 

Muammar Gaddafi BuriedMuammar Gaddafi Buried, The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi deposed will be buried on Tuesday in a secret grave in the desert, an official of the National Transitional Council, said, ending a dispute over his rotting corpse that led many to fear for the governance of Libya.

With its Western allies worried that Gaddafi was battered and shot him after his arrest on Thursday, the rebels had put the body in the program in a cold room while discussing what to do with it, until its decline on Monday forced to close doors.

“He will be buried tomorrow in a simple burial, with sheikhs who attended the burial. It will be an unknown location in the desert,” the official told Reuters by telephone, adding that the decomposition of the body had reached the point where the body ” may last longer. ”

The murder of the 69 years of age in his hometown of Sirte ended eight months of war, ending a two months hiatus nervous since motley rebel forces invaded the NTC capital, Tripoli.

However, it also threatened to expose regional and tribal rivalries that have the NTC with its greatest challenge.

NTC officials had said that negotiations were with Gaddafi’s tribal relatives of Sirte and in the interim leadership on where and how to dispose of bodies, and what Misrata rebel leaders in the possession of the bodies could receive in exchange for cooperation.

“There was no agreement to take his tribe,” the official told Reuters.

With the decline of the body force the hand of the direction of NTC, which seemed to have decided that an unmarked grave at least ensure the plot did not become a shrine.

An official told Reuters NTC few days ago that there would be only four witnesses from the grave, and all who swear on the Koran not to reveal the location.

The rebels’ fears that children could mount an insurgency Gaddafi have been largely dispelled by the death of two of those who wield more power, military commander and Mo’tassim Khamis, former national security adviser.

Mo’tassim was captured along with his father in Sirte and killed in circumstances equally uncertain, and the NTC official said he would be buried in the same ceremony on Tuesday.

Saif Al-Islam at the border

But he said Gaddafi has long been heir Saif al-Islam was established to flee Libya, with the power to stop NTC.

“It is in the triangle of Niger and Algeria. It is south of Ghat, Ghat area. It gave him a fake passport of Libya Murzuq area,” he added.

Said the former intelligence chief Muammar Gaddafi, Abdullah al-Senussi, like Saif al-Islam, is wanted by the International Criminal Court, was involved in the plot.

“The region is very, very difficult to control and turn around,” he said. “The region is a desert region and has … many routes, many of departure.”

The sharp fall man’s death allowed the NTC to activate the mass rejoicing to declare Libya’s long-awaited “liberation” on Sunday in Benghazi, the headquarters of the revolt.

However, it also highlighted the lack of central control over the armed groups, and the struggle for power between local commanders to begin serious negotiations to form an interim government that can run free elections.

“The leaders of the different regions, cities, want to negotiate on all things – government jobs, the budgets of cities, the militias of the solution,” said a senior official of the NTC in Tripoli, though defended as a healthy expression of freedom.

“Is not that democracy?” He asked. “It would be rare if not after Muammar favored only a few places for 40 years. There is no reason why it can not be at peace.”

In Misrata, long besieged the third largest city of Libya, whose leaders want war an important role in peace, combatants of the delivery of surgical masks against the stench on Monday, announcing they were still hundreds of tourists in the cold room where the bodies of Gaddafi, his son Mo “Tassim and former army chief was on the floor, dark meat and fluid leakage.


Officials at one point declared that the show was over, locked the doors and began to turn to the people. “That’s enough,” said one of the guards, “He has been causing many problems as it did dead alive.” However, within an hour, there was a change of plan as dozens of tourists arrived and were in

The killings near Sirte, mobile video after the sample was taken captive Gaddafi being beaten and mocked by Misrata fighters apparently are also a subject of controversy – at least outside of Libya. UN Human right arm has been attached to the Gaddafi family in search of an investigation.

NTC President Mustafa Abdel Jalil told a news conference Monday that the NTC had formed a committee to investigate.

He indicated that the interim authorities in a further official line that Gaddafi may have been killed in “crossfire” with their own men, a view many NTC officials seem willing to discount.

“Those who have an interest in killing him before processing are those who had an active role in it,” said Abdel Jalil, who like many of the new leaders in positions of authority under Gaddafi.

Adding to concerns about Libya to turn over a new leaf in the respect for people, based in New York Human Rights Watch urged the NTC to investigate an “apparent mass execution” of 53 people, apparently supporters of Gaddafi, who found her dead, some with their hands bound, in a hotel in Sirte.

Libyan few seem worried either about Gaddafi and his entourage were killed or why their bodies were exposed for so long in what looked like a sad parody lies in the state often reserved for national leaders.

“God made Pharaoh as an example to others,” Salem said Shaka, who was seeing the bodies in Misrata on Monday.

“If it was a good man, who would have buried. However, he chose this fate for himself.”

The assassination of autocrats fallen far from new. In Europe, remember, a similar fate befell Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania in 1989, Benito Mussolini, who created modern Libya as an Italian colony a decade before his death in 1945.

However, some of the allies of the anti-Gaddafi rebels “Westerners have expressed concern about the treatment of Gaddafi after his capture and after his death, and worry that the new leaders of Libya will not keep its promise to respect human rights.

“It was not pleasant images,” said British Prime Minister David Cameron, one of the first rebellion.

“Everybody understands that there is what should have happened. It should have ended in a trial and should be completed in Gaddafi to justice,” said Cameron Parliament in London.

As Egyptian and Tunisian neighbors who inspired the rebellion Libyan uprising out or planned free elections, Arab brothers also expressed his displeasure in the treatment of Gaddafi, despite sympathy for the fallen strongman was scarce.

“Forty-two dark years under a ruthless dictator, of course, has left badly damaged the Libyan people,” said Mahmoud Nofal, a bank employee of 36 years in Cairo.

“He’s mad for revenge. The decomposing body is emblematic of the environment and social policy rotten Gaddafi.”

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