MTV on Occupy Wall Street

October 25, 2011 by staff 

MTV on Occupy Wall StreetMTV on Occupy Wall Street, One thing to see images of the protests Occupy Wall Street on television and hear the evening news experts give their two cents in the global movement. But what if you could live among the protesters and have a real idea of ??how the Movement is taking shape and why it has become a phenomenon?

MTV did just that, the incorporation of the protesters for an upcoming “True Life” special system of air on Saturday, November 5 at 6 pm ET. “True Life: I’m busy Wall Street”, visited the financial district of sit-in and profile of a group of 20somethings who have pitched their tents amid the skyscrapers of Wall Street to see how they feel about the event.

This episode will take you to the first line, as MTV cameras follow three young people who are driven by the political movement that has quickly become a global phenomenon. Viewers will be introduced to Bryan, one of the leaders concerned sanitation equipment. You’ll see the same steel as against a potential fight with the city when fears that his request to clean the park is an excuse to evict the protesters.

“This has to happen now or it’s over,” Bryan is telling his fellow protesters on cleaning the park before the mandatory deadline of the city, which helps motivate them to pick up trash, sweeping and scrubbing graffiti from the ground with hand brushes. “As worried as I was,” he says, “It was incredible to see what it really came down to the last time people were willing to do anything just to get the park clean.”

The protests come at a time when the future looks bleak, not only for the millions who have been unemployed and seeking employment for several years, but for a younger generation that is entering the best years of income. In fact, 72 percent of teens surveyed by MTV in the last two years are not afraid to live up to its potential, with about three-quarters of the 18 and 29 sense of “things are unfair to me generation, because we have to start our careers during this economic crisis. ”

They have discovered that the game has changed and the old equation for success that promised that the university as well as extracurricular activities, summer internships and large student loans would lead to a satisfying job that helps pay the loan – just does not compute. Many feel as if the rules have been altered and that they have been scammed.

David Banner, Tom Morello, Talib Kweli and Kanye West have also joined the Wall Street Occupying protesters during a demonstration of their month.

The problem for the young protesters as Bryan is how to turn? His parents, the government? Many believe that it does not matter who’s in charge in Washington, because none of the politicians large sums of money has no Responses. Maybe that’s why this group is occupied as a kind of war of his generation have to fight, I could not end soon, but that the support, allowing them to speak out against corporate America and hear the concerns should not be able to find work. That also explains why almost half (45 percent) have postponed an important milestone in life (marriage, having children) because of the economy or employment status.

A recent MTV survey of young adults (18 to 29) on economic conditions, government and its impact on the generation found that 93 percent believe that the current economic situation is having a personal effect on them, 72 per percent do not trust the government to take care of their welfare. A huge 76 percent said he is concerned about the future of our country. It’s not just worrying about themselves. More than 62 percent said they feared for their parents’ ability to retire in this economy and 66 percent said they wish there was a leader, was political, that could speak to the needs of his generation.

“I feel stressed about it,” 18 years of age Adalee recently told MTV News. “Since [Hispanics] college student financial aid-dependent to finish school … and all the budget cuts, a stressful situation … But if the economic crisis worsens or is not resolved soon , no matter how much financial aid you receive, you will most likely not be enough to cover tuition. ”

The nation has been amplified by the anxiety Occupy demonstrations across the country, as a small group of activists in Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan has spread worldwide with hundreds of cities. When MTV came to the respondents, including 69 percent who said they were aware of the Occupying the protests, 57 percent supported the motion.

“True Life”, viewers will also meet with university students Kait and Caitlin, who are so concerned that it will not be able to find work after graduation who devoted themselves to recruit their friends to join the cause at work to keep spirits high among the occupants.

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