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January 6, 2012 by staff 

MTV Jersey ShoreMTV Jersey Shore, The cast of “Jersey Shore” Yeah buddy!! After spending part of New Year’s Eve day watching the “Jersey Shore” marathon on MTV (and wondering why Sam and Ron didn’t break up for good), I’m just about ready to welcome back our orange friends.

 When we left them in October (coming home from Italy), the Situation was thinking not going to Seaside, there was enough Snooki/Jionni drama to last 2 seasons (but strangely no Sammi/Ronnie drama), Jenni was boring and Deena showed her lady parts to most of Italy.

Now, in the gang is back in dirty Jerz, ready to wreck its usual havoc on Seaside, its clubs and its inhabitants. From the previews, we see the Snooki/Mike situation hasn’t gotten any less tense….one wonders how the first episode home will play out? Also, are Ron and Sam even together? As of October 2011, they were not; so they broke up right after this filming. Does this mean we get more of them being done in Season 5? (Their reconciliation in Italy was quite romantic and drama-free — Ron told Us Weekly that Florence was a “highest point in their relationship”…compare that to when he broke her glasses and trashed her stuff last time they were in Seaside, and Florence was a dream boat). What will Season 5 bring?

There is no rest for the weary. Straight from Florence to Jersey. (I’m thinking after the explosions between everyone in Italy, going straight to Jersey with no time to decompress means they’re going to kill each other.)

Being in Italy has made the gang really miss Jersey, they can’t wait to get back to Jersey, especially Pauly – he needs a haircut, a tan and a gym ASAP. Ronnie said he feels like he was at boarding school and America is his mother and he’s coming home to his mother. So does that mean he likes America or no?

Issues arise immediately upon landing – the roommate thing comes up again. Snooki says she peed in her bed last year so why would anyone want it? (Note to others who rented the Jersey Shore house – hope you didn’t sleep there). They end up keeping their same room assignments as last year. Sam is mad….she was the one who started the whole “I don’t want to room with Mike” drama.

Aw, there’s really no place like home. Their excitement is hilarious.

Some immediate highlights:

Vinny humps Pauly to “break in the bed like old times.”

Ron says if Mike gets involved in his relationship, he’ll “be forced to put his bed on the porch.”

Snooki drinks straight from the pickle container

Danny says “this is the palest I’ve ever seen you. You’re all Vinny’s color.” Danny offers to take them out for drinks the following night to hear about their Italy stories. It’s really the least he can do for them since they put his store on the map.

The boys head out right away to GTL- they’re losing weight and getting pale, it’s like the end of civilization, Mike says. Pauly runs into the tanning salon saying he has an emergency – he wants the max tan and he wants to go twice. Then they head to the gym, the laundromat and the hair cut place. They are so happy to be back in America with American barbers — “They know how to fade, shape up and tape up.” Vinny’s hair is a mixture of a mullet, mohawk and fauxhawk. (As you see from the live feed from Seaside, Vinny’s kept the fauxhawk thing going. I personally like him better with his old haircut.)

Snooki calls Jionni because she doesn’t know where they stand…last time she spoke to him was when the whole Vinny thing. No answer. I’m thankful.

The gang goes to meet Danny at Captain Hook’s and it’s a huge surprise party for the gang! Jionni is there, Roger is there, their families are there. We see Jenni’s dad (no resemblance whatsoever)…Mike’s brother, Snooki’s dad, Vinny’s mom, Vinny’s Uncle Nino (drunk and hitting on everyone.). Ron says Nino is the ultimate creeper and should get the smush room. Ha.

Jenni points out that the night can get ugly really fast because there’s a lot of unfinished business between Snooki and Jionni and Jionni and Vinny and Jionni and Mike. Pauly points out that he’d feel like a loser if he was Jionni- if he was in the room with the guy that slept with his girlfriend. Mike is excited because The Unit and Ryder are there as well – the witnesses between whatever happened (or didn’t happen) between Mike and Snooki. Snooki and The Unit start right away, Ryder takes him to the other side of the bar, but that doesn’t stop Snooki from yelling at him. Mike tells her not to instigate anything with The Unit because he will say something to Jionni if she keeps going. She’s in tears.

Ron tells the camera that he believes that Snooki is guilty, by the way she was acting. “It’s that guilty conscience” he says. He should know.

Jenni asks The Unit what happened. He says “he saw everything and if she wants to try to bring down my night I’m going to bring down her night.”

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